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Hi! LSZ is a really good game and I've been playing it for quite some time (started literally years ago, took a long break, got back to it recently) but it does require the player to reset/refresh it quite often, sometimes a few times in a row - it can jam on loadup if its during busy hours or weekend, or crash in the middle of a mission or while loading game maps (right now I'm on my 3rd refresh as writing this, only to collect hourly supplies from game, which takes around 2 -3 minutes of actual gameplay).

I understand the necessity of ads for ArmorGames (which is why I have no adblocks on my end for your page) but every page refresh means I gotta watch the ad and if they dont have a skip button, even if they are only 30 seconds long, that adds up to the wait/load time. Right now some have it and some don't, could you add SkipAd button to these ads please? Tagging @RavePenguin per UnleashedUponMankind's advice from game page comment section

I screencapped some of those I had so far: Example Ads No SkipButton
Playstation VR, Oyunlar1, Trivago (no timer on it, its around 30s), LIDL, Warspear (only allows skip past half ad)

Additionally this game relies heavily on timed content, some buyable equipement is time-limited (usually 30 minutes but some 15) so the extra reload + a couple adds can result in losing the bonus stuff. Example shop screencaps

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