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A mighty daemon is trying to break out of his prison and set uhmm... 'claw' into your world!!

Can you lead your fearless party of Heroes through these wondrous lands filled with enemies? Make your way towards their leader, defeat him and save the world! As a reward, you will unlock these awesome new Quests for Wondrous Lands!
Taste Of Victory
Win 10 Battles.
Hardness: Easy
Greed Is Good
Collect And Then Sell 50 Items.
Hardness: Easy
Tomb Raider
Clear Out 5 Dens.
Hardness: Easy
Adventure Time
Complete 5 Tavern Quests.
Hardness: Medium
Heroes In Training
Reach Level 5.
Hardness: Medium
Connection Established
Discover All 5 Portals.
Hardness: Medium
Skillfull Warriors
Learn 3 Skills On Each Of Your Heroes.
Hardness: Medium
Sword And Sorcery
Max Out 2 Skills (Including Scrolls) On Each Of Your 3 Heroes.
Hardness: Hard
Defeat Vorag On Normal Mode.
Hardness: Hard
No Surrender!
Beat The Game On Hardcore Mode Without Retreating.
Hardness: Insane

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