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Hi folks,

It looks like people have been bumping the old solved thread, or starting new threads instead of responding to the one that was opened most recently. I'll sticky this new post so that we can keep you all informed as soon as we hear anything from the developers.

For those of you just returning to the site (welcome back!), here is a quick recap.

At this time we have reached out to the developer (5th Planet Games) to work on getting an issue, that we cannot directly solve, corrected. The steps we took to prevent the issue on the backend regrettably caused the three games to go "missing" from the profile favorite games list and from the main search bar.

As long as you have already played the games, you can use these links (below) to open the games up in your browser and play them. As there is no ETA on when this will be fixed, you may want to consider bookmarking the direct game pages.

Once I hear any news I'll keep you posted by responding to this post.

Thank you for your continued understanding while we seek assistance from the developers!


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