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If you're a zombie, infect as many players as you can. If you're a survivor, just keep surviving.

1. All new players are survivors!
2. Zombies can infect survivors by:
- a. Posting right after a survivor OR
- b. Guessing something correct about the next survivor's profile.
3. Survivors are safe if:
- a. They can guess something about the next zombie's profile OR
- b. They post right after a survivor.
4. Type S if you are a survivor and Z if you are a zombie.
5. If you want, you can guess a personal detail like "your hair color is black", but the next player does not have to confirm and the guess is skipped.
6. This is not a rule, but I don't recommend any obvious guesses like "you have over 0 posts". So go at it. Anything for a laugh.

New players can get infected on their first post if a zombie guessed something right about them. But don't count yourself out just yet!! If you guess something right about the next player and they're a zombie, then you're safe!


July 17, 2018 : cleaned up rules
August 5, 2018 : removed team spells; if you guess right for another user on your team, that user can have an extra guess; a survivor can knock out all "bites" against them if they can guess one thing right about the next player


Z I'll start. The next player has the letter "a" in his/her name.

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