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So this guide is intended to help players who want to complete the entire SWORDS AND SANDALS TWO game without dying, it's not intended to be a fun guide or anything like that, just successful. I have completed the entire game with this strategy so I can confirm it works. This is for the full game, whether you purchased it or otherwise.

The general gist of this guide and the name of the build is "Charisma Tank". Firstly I will cover the different shops.

Blacksmith: You only want to buy the highest quality gear that you can for your level, never lower. It is ok if you cannot afford it straight away, you will eventually be able to purchase the highest quality armour every time you reach the next milestone level as charisma will reduce the cost of the armour. If you don't like the look of the amour then suck it up, we're here to win.

Church: This is where you save, save often and before and after every tournament just in case you mess up (highly likely that you won't.) When you have your magic level raised a bit you can buy the 25% hp potion (not required). However, at higher levels, you will be getting your magic to 20 to unlock that maximum armour oil. However whenever medium armour oil is available to do spend 1 slot for it and keep it there just until you can get maximum armour oil.

Weaponsmith: We won't be maxing strength or agility so this shop serves us no purpose. If you get your strength or agility points up from random encounters then you might be able to buy a dagger or cleaver. Otherwise a useless shop for us.

Magic Shop: Here you can purchase spells and enchant your weapon. Feel free to enchant your weapon with whatever you like it doesn't really matter, it just adds the chance that when you attack the enemy skips their turn taking magic damage from the enchantment (I used fire.) I will list the spells and rank them for you.

Teleport: GET THIS ASAP. This is your get out of jail free card since the only weakness of this build is if enemies with high agility stick to you. With this spell, you don't have to invest any points into agility or strength. Your slots should be completely filled with teleports in the early levels. It might not teleport you into good spots but anywhere that is away from our enemy is good enough, taunt push will do the rest of the work.

Gale: Another really good spell. Its more useful early to keep people away (better than teleport). However, in the later levels, it is useless as your taunt will be knocking people away constantly and the push distance of gale is worse than the taunt. Also, high agility builds will just run at you in one turn which makes this spell useless.

Swift Sandals: 1x2=2. Useless for our build.

Adulation: Also useless, our magic won't be high enough early to unlock this before our win the crowd does the same thing.

Command: Horrible spell. We want them to go AWAY from us, not come TOWARDS us.

Fireball: Decent damage spell, however, we will be taking lightning bolt once we start levelling magic as it does more damage.

Lightning bolt: Not great but better than fireball. OUr taunt damage will do more but this will just help us speed some fights up if they're on less than 200 health. Only use one slot for this spell.

Boundless energy: Taunting gives us energy so we are already boundless.
Regenerate: Might be useful in tournaments if you run out of teleports however I don't see that happening. I never took this and never needed it.

Bloodlust: We don't need strength. Ignore this spell.

Hell Fireball: This will be the last spell we unlock once our magic is 20. It does very good damage, almost on par with our taunt damage. At later levels spend 2 slots for this spell as double hell fireball will be our guaranteed finisher move.

Higher level inventory setup: Teleportx2, Hellfireballx2, Maximum armour oilx2

Strength-1 (Our damage is from taunt, not melee. Stay away from this.)

Agility-1 (You CAN increase this a little bit so you can jump away from melee range but we have spells for that. I wouldn't recommend it at all though.)

Attack-1 (This would be good if it increased our chance to do damage with taunt, but it doesn't. So don't bother with it.)

Defence-1-10 (don't rush this, it's not that important I just threw some in to counter SOME attacks)

Vitality-1-25 (Need some high HP in case we get hit by the weaken armour spell which will leave us exposed to getting destroyed by other spells. I would say 20 is enough at higher levels but you can put a few more points in if you want.)

Charisma-1-150+ (Put as many points into this as you want, this is your damage, your utility, your money. At around 120 points you should be doing about 500 damage with taunts.)

Stamina: 1 (Probably the single most useless stat for us. Our taunt regenerate our stamina for us so we will never need to recover it through sleep. If you ever need to sleep during a battle then you are doing something wrong.)

Magicka: 1-20 (Increase as needed but don't increase it too much early, it is only there to support our charisma, not replace it. 20 is the limit since we only want hell fireball and maximum armour oil any more than 20 and its wasted points.)

DUELS- In the early levels all you have to do is press taunt and they die. If they get into melee range press teleport and then continue to taunt them. In the mid-levels, you might have lightning bolt unlocked so just taunt until their armour is below 200, then lightning bolt, if it does good damage then you win, if it doesn't then just keep taunting until you win. At higher levels you'll be doing the same strategy except you will double hell fireball when their armour is below 450. If they ever get your armour below 50% then use an armour oil potion, if they get too close then teleport away. Simple.

TOURNAMENTS: In the early levels all you have to do is taunt them to death and teleport away if they somehow get too close.

At mid levels, you taunt them to death and teleport away if they get too close. Feel free to use your medium armour oil whenever it's damaged and use lightning bolt when they're below 200health. Feel free to win the crowd before killing the enemy if you want more gold, but if you're out of teleports to finish the battle ASAP.

At higher levels, you should be careful of enemies getting too close as it is possible that they can combo you to death. However most battles you can still simply just keep taunting until they're dead. Teleport when they're in MELEE range only since your taunt can push them all the way to the end of the map. Your maximum amour oil will work and restore all your armour even when your amour has been reduced to 0, so for efficiency wait until you're below 20% to use it. It is very rare that you will need to use 2 but its there just in case, and keep in mind that it cannot restore your max armour but refills your armour to the max, so things such as weaken armour, will permanently lower your armour for that fight. Your double hellfire ball should kill enemies with 500 health or lower unless they heal to full in between. If you want to make sure just keep taunting instead.

That's pretty much all you need to know. If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to add a few more things:

1. Random encounters: These don't really matter too much. If you want to risk it then risk it, but you don't need to and will win without risking anything.
2. Never brave the streets, always pay for a tavern. No exceptions. Unless you want to lose all your gold and have your stats lowered, up to you. I'm not aware of too many positives of braving the streets but they're not needed.
3. General Taunt mechanics: Taunting is based entirely off of your charisma. It will restore your stamina based off of your charisma. If the enemy has a melee weapon equipped your taunt will push them away and if they have a ranged weapon equipped it will make them run toward you. Your chance to damage the enemy varies based on their charisma score but is generally around 50% on a successful taunt.

The only time I lost with this build (As I only have 1 defeat on record) was in a duel against a mage in the mid levels who double dire fire-balled me then molten deathed me. Was not expecting that to happen and it easily burnt through my 1100 armour, after that fight, I got my magic to 20 to unlock the maximum armour oil so I can get my amour back to max if it ever dropped too low. If you can survive through the spells of a mage they're pretty useless afterwards which is why it is important to have 2 max amour oils later on.


1. YOu can check what your opponent has in their inventory before the battle. So you can take more armour oils if they have molten death and dire fireballs, or save your hellfire balls for when they've used all their health potions and armor oils.

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END GAME STATS: For anyone who is curious what I had at the end of the game.
Level: 50
Agility: 6 (3 from random encounters)
Attack: 1 (Never ever used my melee attack)
Defence: 10 (Proved to be handy sometimes)
Vitality: 25 (Was the perfect amount to end the game with)
Charisma: 154 (600+ damage on taunts)
Stamina: 1 (Only needed to sleep once)
Magicka: 23 (3 from random encounters after I had 20. Since I had 6 agility I swapped out 1 teleport for weaken armour which made the last gladiators super easy.)

Final Inventory: 1 Teleport, 1 Weaken Armour, 2 Hellfire Balls, 2 Maximum Amour Oil.

Tips for Evil 'Insert character name here': Literally the longest fight in the history of S&S2, you only have a 40% chance to hit yourself with a taunt and then the chance of doing damage is even lower. The stupid AI will waste both hellfire balls on you at the start so just go ahead and oil that damage back. It won't weaken armour you if you have it (weirdly enough) so just go ahead and use it whenever. You basically want to keep taunting until you get him to about 500 health then double hellfire ball him which should kill him or leave him low enough that you can spam taunts and finish him off EVENTUALLY. The AI is stupid and will keep trying to use whirlwind so its basically a free win if you have the patience to keep taunting. If you bought a slingshot at 6 agility then it will use that and peg you with 6 damage slings against your 1500 armour. The AI won't taunt you because of how low the chance to do damage is so yeah basically free win if you stick to taunts.

TIPS ON THE FINAL BOSS: There are none, because you murder him in afew turns. lol.

Oh yeah and before the final boss I had about 14million gold to spare. Charisma Ftw.

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Great work! Lots of information and with nice formatting. You have earned a quest and merit!

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