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Fortune Favors the Brave
Rescue 20 Civilians.
Hardness: Easy
Colors on the Mast
Help an Orc Renegade.
Hardness: Easy
Learn and Live
Fully upgrade all abilities and armor.
Hardness: Medium
Pick Your Poison
Fully upgrade all weapons.
Hardness: Medium
Play With Dolls
Grab 10 trolls at the same time in 1 level.
Hardness: Hard
Maximum Impossible
Reach max experience level of with all weapons and armor.
Hardness: Hard

The stuff above is basically a qoute from the decision medieval quest post and I found myself having issues with the quests
First of all the 3rd quest doesnt work properly, I didnt even fully upgrade all armor and abilities and I still got it, second of all I think that the 2nd and 3rd ( learn and live and pick your poison) should be hard quests considering the amount of time it will take to max them out, I also think that the last hard quest doesnt compensate so I think it would be better if it was insane with slightly higher points than a normal hard quest
I know you guys dont usually add quests again to a game after it already receiving them but I do think there should be quest for basically maxing out the map/completing the game.

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