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I love armorgames and I have been on this site for the last 10 years or so.

The thing that always bothered me most, is that the filters are really bad.

Once you have played/tried all the higest rated games in every section, finding new stuff just becomes extraordinarily hard.

The only games I ever play are the ones on the frontpage, because searching anything new on the site is mostly a fruitless endevour.

I already tried most of the game on this site.

If you guys could make a filter system, that allows users to customize their filters by allowing them to put games into different categories (eg. already played through, not interested, planning to play later) and allow them to filter this site for anything not in those lists, then I could actually find new stuff I haven't played yet.

And not saying that this site does anything particularly badly. Most sites have similiar layouts and filters, it's just that this site actually has good games that I all played through or atleast tried and wasn't interested.

Making those lists would also allow you to use some advanced analytics and recommendations that takes user feedback/interests into account, but that would rather be optional and hard to make.

Alternatively making it possible to search games by year or even date would atleast make it possible to filter out games that are old and you most likely already played.

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