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Crystallia is a world I created for a contest on Scratch. I decided to create an RP set here, because why not?

Crystallia. A world of wonders. Its inhabitants are unique in a very special way: each one is comprised of a different metal, gemstone, or mineral. Depending on their composition, each has a different job and place in the caste system.
Located somewhere in the virtually unheard-of galaxy MACS0647-JD, Crystallia’s origins are said to lie in the deepest parts of a distant planet, where a ragtag group of discredited, deranged biologists plied their trade. They attempted to create giant earthen creatures, but they failed. They were destroyed, and Crystallia was blasted into deep space with its newly sentient inhabitants.
The world is divided into three feuding countries: the Luminous Empire, the Shining Kingdom, and the Gleaming Realm.
The Irons are the lowest members of society; the slaves, servants, and working class drudges. The higher-up Crystallians generally think of them as below their notice, unless they require their services.
They are the most versatile of the Crystallians, the only class generally capable of performing outside of a single specialized field. This is partly due to their ability to melt down parts of their bodies and reshape them to meet the needs of the present situation. This also gives them another advantage over the other classes, especially in view of the dangerous work they are often assigned, as should they be damaged, they can easily, if not always quickly, repair themselves, unlike the gemstone classes, which are usually in serious trouble in similar situations. Despite the conditions they live in, they rarely attempt to rebel, because most of them are convinced they have no chance.
In stark contrast, the Diamonds. The ruling class, Diamonds are usually very arrogant and self-centered. There have been exceptions, such as the good queen Taaffeite of the Shining Kingdom, but they are few and far between. Unlike Irons, who are generally measured by their durability and usefulness, Diamonds (who are all tougher than nails) are measured purely by size. Normally, Diamonds are colorless, but rarely one will be born in a vibrant shade of blue, yellow, pink, etc. These colored Diamonds are highly valued, and almost always go on to be extremely powerful, such as the Luminous Empire’s mysterious Czar, Q, a brilliant orange Diamond who once brought the Shining Kingdom to the brink of defeat.
The Rubies are the military forces of Crystallia. With the ability to use their bodies to focus light into high-powered, potentially deadly, lasers, they are essentially living weapons. On land, Rubies have their own strategists, planning out battles with great finesse. Their power, in both weapons and politics, makes them second only to the Diamonds, and they know it. There have been many rumors over the years of Ruby uprisings, and several have even come into public view, but none have come to fruition. The Diamonds are an impenetrable force, using the Rubies as their pawns in the never-ending world war that rages between the three kingdoms. The cause of the conflict has been lost to history, but the three sides have been duking it out for eons, locked in a stalemate for almost a century.
Moonstones are specialists in the world of air. Astronomy, navigation, and anything else in that area is their domain. Moonstones are the sky warriors of Crystallia, commanding vast air forces of Rubies with tactical genius rivalled only by Pearls. Unlike Pearls, they tend to give their soldiers some say in how things are run, and they get along with Rubies fairly well.
Pearls are specialists in anything that concerns water. They are essential to oceanography and exploring the vast underwater worlds, and they serve as officers in the navies of Crystallia, ordering the Rubies about. The Rubies resent this, but they can’t do much about it for fear of retaliation from the Diamonds. Pearls are considered to be one of the best military classes of Crystallians, as they can engineer naval battles with unimaginable precision and accuracy.
Countering the Pearls, Obsidians are the masters of fire and heat. Their level in the caste system is just above Irons, and the two associate closely. Obsidians are skilled blacksmiths, and as such they are almost exclusively hired by injured Irons, or Irons who need to forge themselves into a new tool. Some Obsidians also have a limited ability to control fire. Those that can are usually kept secret, since the Diamonds inexplicably view them as somewhat of a threat.
The legendary Golds and Silvers coexist in peaceful isolation. Small combined tribes of the two precious metals are scattered throughout the three kingdoms. Although they are intelligent, and brilliant inventors, they are very impressionable and easily manipulated. In the past, Diamonds have tricked them into creating engines of destruction for their own gain. Once they realized what happened, they quickly found ways to shut them down, but not before lots of damage had been caused. Ever since they have tried to keep outsiders away, although they do sometimes allow Irons into their company.
Owing to their unique composition, Crystallians have no need of food and drink, nor of sleep. However, every few weeks they must restore their energy from a mysterious supply at the center of the planet. No one is entirely sure why this happens. The prevailing theory: the energy that gives them life gradually seeps out of them for some reason, and collects back at “The Well,” as it’s known.
The ones who guard The Well and protect it are the Coals. They take their jobs very seriously. They keep careful records, and if anyone comes back to restore their energy before they should, they had better have a good reason. There are several recorded incidents in which other Crystallians attempted to take control of The Well for their own use, but the Coals stood their ground, even against their cousins the Diamonds. No one knows how, as they never leave survivors.
Shrouded in rumors and gossip, very little is known about the Coals. Coals refuse to let any other class of Crystallian into any part of their lives, other than the parts of their guard work where they overlap. Some, generally considered nutjob conspiracy theorists, think they’re constantly experimenting and attempting to create new lifeforms, just like the mad scientists at the planet’s origin. Most, however, just accept that they don’t trust other Crystallians and resent outside interference, especially after the attempted coups they’ve had to put down.
Quicksilvers are interesting Crystallians. They specialize in two separate fields, neither of which has much of anything to do with the other. The first is espionage. They are experts at getting into places no one else can get to or places they aren’t supposed to be, helped by their fluidity, and they’re masters of deception. They also have very closely kept secrets regarding ways to taint the energy of The Well. Popular speculation is that it somehow involves Quartz lizard venom. Similarly to Golds and Silvers, Quicksilvers are great inventors, but not nearly as peaceful, using their creations for war.
The other area that Quicksilvers specialize in, oddly enough, is meteorology. They somehow have an instinctive, prescient knowledge of the weather, and those who aren’t employed as spies are highly valued as meteorologists. Some speculate that these abilities developed as a direct result of their composition. Naturally a liquid at normal temperatures, they have little tolerance for heat, and if exposed to high temperatures will almost certainly vaporize.
They use this to their advantage in reconnaissance, floating into locked places and waiting until they solidify. This can backfire, and it isn’t unheard of for a Quicksilver to reappear right on top of a guard. Thus, such an operation has to planned carefully, because the condensation process is very quick, and if they enter a room with people in it, their cover will most assuredly be blown.
Animals on the planet are generally referred to as Quartzes, because that’s what they’re composed of. Different colors form different animals. Amethyst, for instance, creates something similar to an elephant, often used for transportation. Citrine results in a giant bird, popular in aerial battle. Tiger’s Eye Quartz, fittingly enough, creates huge, fast-moving cats, used almost exclusively as tanks on the battlefield. Agate creates large venomous lizards, highly dangerous to all classes of Crystallians and one of the only things that can harm Diamonds. Carnelian forms fish, big and small. On the odd occasion where it crosses over with Agate, it results in deadly leviathans that are feared by even the bravest of Pearls. Chrysoprase, one of the oddest Quartz varieties, makes up massive, mole-like creatures. They dig holes and are considered a pest by some, but they are the driving force behind constructing the expansive subterranean palaces that are inhabited by Diamonds.
Different classes of Crystallians keep themselves entertained through different methods. Irons, on their off-time, occupy themselves with wrestling matches and other fight-style activities. Obsidians, being very fragile, tend to sit back and watch while the Irons roughhouse, placing bets on the winners.
Diamonds, Pearls, and Moonstones all take immense pleasure in gambling on Citrine races in which Moonstones are the jockeys, training their animals from a young age. Many a Diamond has kicked himself for months after betting big, and in consequence losing big, on what seemed like a surefire win.
Rubies spend their free time watching and participating in huge gladiator battles, fighting against each other as well as Tiger’s Eyes, Agates, and Amethysts that are trained intensely to put up a good fight. The Rubies almost always win, but they are careful never to seriously harm the Quartzes.
When Quicksilvers have time off, watch out Rubies. It’s a favorite pastime of thiers to sneak into Ruby army camps of their country and set up pranks. They have several old classics, such releasing Chrysoprasus to run amok under the camp, causing all sorts of cave-ins and other problems, or letting Tiger’s Eyes loose to wreak havoc. As such, Rubies and Quicksilvers don’t get along very well.
When Golds and Silvers take breaks from inventing machines, they start inventing games. One popular game is called Crystoblast, played in many variations from massive teams of hundreds going against each other to head-to-head-to-head-to… you get the idea. Each team uses special blasters that shoot harmless beams of light at the opposing teams and can detect when those beams actually hit. They drew inspiration from a game that supposedly was all the rage on the planet Crystallia came from, known as “Laser Tag”.
Another well-liked activity is Iron Blades, a fantasy role-playing game set in an alternate world where Irons are the ruling class, Diamonds are the workers, and all the other classes have completely different places. Players pick which class they want to play as, and they each fill their respective roles.
Coals, as far as anyone can tell, never give themselves any leisure time, devoting their entire lives to their work.
Although they can live for very long periods of time, often reaching thousands of years of age, Crystallians are not immortal, and thus have a life cycle, but it’s very different from other beings. It begins in the mines, where new Crystallians of all kinds emerge from the planet every now and then. The planet’s unique metaphysical properties allow for new Crystallians to constantly move forward toward the walls of the mines, so the mines never get any bigger or deeper. Once they emerge from the earth, they are taken to the adoption agency by Irons who constantly supervise the mines, and are then taken in by parents of their own class. They are taught and protected by these parents as they grow, and they form family units just like other sentient beings. When a Crystallian dies, they are taken to a location far from the mines, called the Final Exit, and returned to the planet’s core. They then begin their journey back to the mines, and they are eventually reborn as a new individual. They may look the same, but they will not have the same personality, because they are undergoing a new birth and an entirely new life, with no memory of any of their previous lives. This rebirth process generally takes about 100 years, but given time the population of Crystallia can and will recover from even the worst disasters.
Every year on Crystallia (which lasts 730 days) a huge celebration is held, known as the Crystal Carnival. It’s held a few miles away from the Well, which is, along with the mines and the Final Exit, neutral territory and exempt from fighting. It’s the one time of year when Crystallians of all different classes, even from different countries, put aside their differences and coexist peacefully. Moonstones, Pearls and Diamonds all consort with Irons, playing games and chatting. Rubies and Quicksilvers get along (for the most part), competing against each other in games of deception, at which they are both very skilled. Golds and Silvers, despite being invited year after year, have showed up only a handful of times since they cut themselves off from the rest of Crystallia. The last time the Coals were invited, they kicked the messenger out and told him not to come back. No one’s tried since.
Although they put the war aside for a few weeks during the Crystal Carnival, as soon as the festivities end, the three kingdoms are hard at it again. Each class of Crystallian has a different place in the war effort. One of the few advantages of the low position of Irons and Obsidians is that the war doesn’t really affect them. Despite being forced to create weapons and perform other minor duties in the war, they’re not afraid to go across borders to trade, or even just to meet with some friends. Golds and Silvers do everything in their power to avoid involvement in the war, especially after the superweapon fiascos. Coals, of course, are completely indifferent to the war, only interested when it leads to an attempted hostile takeover of the Well.
For the gemstone classes, however, life revolves around the war. Rubies do nothing but fight, even their entertainment training for the battlefield. Moonstones and Pearls often go days, even weeks, without rest, planning out attacks on their enemies. (Crystallians don’t exactly have to sleep, but if they don’t do so regularly, their next trip to the Well will be much sooner than if they do.) Quicksilvers, as one might expect, also get very little rest, constantly observing, eavesdropping, stealing, and giving out weather forecasts. Diamonds don’t quite have this problem, but they all suffer from severe paranoia, constantly afraid that they’re going to be betrayed or infiltrated or otherwise defeated. They have good reason to be afraid, because the Ruby lasers and Quicksilver poisons both pose serious threats to them. However, any uprising by either can be quickly put down if caught early, which they usually are. This is for two main reasons: Quicksilvers have to get past many Ruby guards, and Rubies are constantly being spied on by Quicksilvers, even of their own side, as a direct result of Diamonds’ paranoia. If the two were to work together, though, the combination would be unstoppable.
One final piece of information on Crystallia might be considered important. Not everyone knows this, but all three countries have extensive, Moonstone-run space programs, using unique, specially bred varieties of Citrine. These unusual birds seem to have some way of storing oxygen in their bodies for the long trip, but the Moonstones are less than open as to specifics. Moonstones, in turn, have developed ways of condensing air and carrying it with them. All three kingdoms plan to use it for war, carrying large weapons into orbit and deploying them to destroy massive areas of opposing countries, but no such weapons have yet been developed or are projected to be invented anytime soon, especially without cooperation from Golds and Silvers.

Quick Geography Lesson: Each of the three countries have specific advantages in the war:
The Luminous Empire is the richest of the three countries, as it has access to more natural resources than than the rest of the planet combined.
The Gleaming Realm is the most technologically advanced, with weapons and gadgets that far surpass those of the other countries, as they managed to hold on to a lot of early Gold and Silver design specs.
The Shining Kingdom's biggest asset is its size - it has more land and more population than the others, which does lead to overcrowding at times.

Application Sheet:
Name: You can try to be clever and come up with something related to gems, or you can shorten your Username, or whatever. I really don't care, just keep it PG.
Class: Pick one out of the above.
Location: Pick a kingdom.
Tools: If you want to have some gadgets to help you out during your quest, put them here. Be creative, because the more traditional materials are off the table...
Personality: More is better. Include age (keep in mind they can live for millenia.)
Background: Where did they grow up? What influenced their values? Again, more is better.

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