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So, I found an old dead thread that was supposed to be something like this, but due to some rule issues it never got off the ground. I thought I'd give it a try. Put in ONE chapter of a book YOU WROTE. Include story and chapter titles if you've got them (they are not required). This isn't so much a contest as a workshop. In addition to posting your own, you can post suggestions for earlier posters to improve their opening chapter/prologue. Keep it within 3000 words, but there's no lower limit (my chapters tend to be much shorter.) And keep any comments and suggestions respectful and kind. We want constructive criticism, not insults.

Extra rules: If you want to put a description or explanation of the story to fill in some gaps, feel free to do so. Also, the chapter doesn't have to be written specifically for this. You can take it from something you wrote for school, a contest, just for fun, or whatever. Anything's welcome.

Edit: If I've broken the rules by trying to revive someone else's dead topic (it was originally by @The904, who, far as I can tell, hasn't been active for years), just let me know and I'll shut it down. I just thought it sounded fun, and it was a shame the rule revisions that never happened kept it from moving forward.

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