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While we wait for Season 2 of ERBAG, I wanted to create (hopefully) weekly challenges for you all to flex your creative muscles and enjoy some sick rhymes. Each challenge can come in the following forms:

1. Themed: Write a song or verse centered around the given theme.
2. Constraints: Construct a song or verse that follows certain guidelines including length, bars, types of figurative speech, or types of rhymes that can be used, etc.
3. Word/Phrase of the Day: Formulate a rap that rhymes with the word or phrase of the day throughout.
4. Parody: This is a variation of a Constraint Challenge where all the guidelines are based on another song. Your version must emulate the flow of the song at each verse.
4. A combination of any of the above (challenges will most likely be this).

This is not a contest as I can't give out merits or awards or whatever unless the moderators give me permission, but I encourage you to compete with others for the clout.

The first challenge will be to rap about oranges.

CHALLENGE 1: Oranges
Theme: Oranges
Constraints: Cannot exclusively use end rhymes, cannot use similes, and cannot use "door hinge" to rhyme with "orange"

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