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Hello all! I've decided to return to ArmorGames for the time being, unfortunately for me, I meant to return yesterday instead of today.

What took me so long was getting into my own account. I messed up putting in my password once, no big deal I thought. I put it in correctly the second time, however, instead of putting me into my account it brought me to a page saying that someone had recently tried to get into my account(which was my mess up from earlier) and that in order for me to login I need to reset my password from an email that I'd been sent.

Unfortunately for me, it was sent to an email that gmail also wouldn't let me login to(even though I had gotten that password right the first time, it wouldn't let me in just because it didn't recognize my device and sent a recovery message to an email account that I had deleted a long time ago. Gmail is dumb.). Meaning that I had to contact support about my email issue, wait 8 hours for a response(which I wouldn't have a chance to look at until this morning) use the temporary password I was given to login, change my email while also using the temp password, and then finally changing my password.

All of that was a long process that I believe could easily have been shortened considerably if there were security questions to answer to be able to login instead of having to send a recovery email.

Granted, I don't exactly know the security process behind things like security questions so I don't know if that'd actually be any safer. What does anyone else think about the situation? Am I just the minority in this situation?

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