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I heard a lot of talk (And I'm sure that some of you have as well) about how coolmath games is shutting down in 2020. I personally have played coolmath games all my life, and I'm super disappointed about this.

The reason behind this is that Adobe Flash is shutting down. Flash is the platform (OPerating system? Engine?) that most developers use to build their games online. Since armor games has mostly flash (Is Unity part of flash?) games, that means they will lose the vast majority of their games.

Does this mean Armor Games will shut down? I really really really hope not, as this is easily my favorite (And in my opinion the best) game website on the internet. I'm not exactly sure how this shutdown will affect the community, but I would appreciate your comments. MAybe a moderator or admin can answer this question?


EDIT TO ORIGINAL POST: Polygon and numerous other websites have discovered that these rumors are false. Coolmath games WILL NOT be shutting down.

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This is really fantastic news Ferret. AG was my immediate thought when I heard Flash was being phased out.

Great to see the community is still doing well! I'll have to pop in more often.

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