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Beyond your sleepy seaside village is a map filled with dangerous encounters... and great rewards. This unknown realm is filled with new challenges wanting to test your burgeoning ability, and looming just beyond the horizon, the mysterious Neverseen. Armor games is excited to bring you the next great adventure:

“Swords & Souls: Neverseen”

Following a shipwreck on a strange island, you venture out to explore these wild, untamed lands. Test your mettle against orcs, goblins, golems and more in fast-paced combat where you must actively block, dodge, and counter in real time. Master your abilities through fun and addictive arcade minigames that evolve as you progress. Need a break from scouring the new-world? Return to the Haven, where you can relax with fishing, improve your home, find a loyal pet or companion, or maybe even… true love?

From SoulGame Studio, creators of the wildly popular Swords & Souls flash game series comes an all new, even bigger standalone adventure to an island far across the sea. Launching June 5th exclusively on Kartridge for PC/MAC, with Steam & GoG releases slated for release later in the year. Soul Game Studio’s Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a single-player RPG that focuses on combat and player improvement, nestled within a light-hearted fantasy atmosphere.

The original Swords & Souls was a web game released in 2015 that quickly gained popularity across portals, having been played over 15 million times on Armor Games and Kongregate since its release, and currently remains the most popular game on both portals. Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a standalone premium single-player RPG that takes the core mechanics of the original and polishes them up with all new content and much more game-play.

The game will be available exclusively on Kartridge with further platform releases slated for later in the year:

If you want to find your way home, you’ll need to train, fight, train, and fight some more in this addictive single-player combat-focused RPG that rewards player skill and progression.

It’s your hero. Your legend.

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