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Gather 'round for point-and-click piracy.

A spaghetti-limbed cat and a spectral chicken... seems like a match made in best friend heaven, doesn't it? They're about to sit down for a round of pirate themed tabletop gaming, and they've saved you a seat. Join former child star Sosig and their ghostly poultry pal Chook for game night along with some of their weirdest and wonderful-est buddies in this point-and-click adventure by TookiPalooki.

“Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank”

We begin with Sosig, sitting down for their very first tabletop adventure. They're about to play a game of pirates together, and all their friends are eager to share their ideas for the perfect game... no matter how many roles they have to play, or what long-suffering their DM, Exley, wants.

You'll guide Sosig as they bounce from the real world tabletop-side to a lush world of pirate adventure inside Exley's story. After acquiring a ship, you'll sail from island to island, solving puzzles and helping out your friends... who are each playing multiple characters to move the story along. (Mermaid princess Hebble, anyone?) With multiple potential endings to chase down, Sosig's adventures are just getting started.

TookiPalooki is an artist turned solo indie developer, and the creator of Chook & Sosig. She’s been teaching herself how to make games using the aforementioned characters; one is a a gangly blue cat, and the other is a seemingly perpetually unmotivated chicken. Along with their friends, they’ve starred in a series of short adventures, but now it’s time for their biggest one yet.

Now available for PC and Mac on Steam, GOG, Kartridge, and, Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank is an entirely hand-drawn and animated, cozy and comedic, point-and-click adventure about treasure, friends, and really angry parrots. Learn more about Chook & Sosig: Walk the Plank and get it on Steam!

Through point and click gameplay and hilarious dialogue with oddball characters, the world of Chook & Sosig is brought to life with hand-drawn art, comedic charm and delightfully detailed cartoon-inspired animation. Explore a seaside world with beloved characters including Min, Hebble, Cow and countless naughty goblins. Shape the story and unfold comedy adventure!

They may not be actual pirates, but they’ve heard all the classic tales. What could go wrong?

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