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Been hunting around for info on how to make a game that can be uploaded here and just wondering. I already know how to make games just need to know a good starting setup for this site. Currently working with javascript and HTML since I found a few things to get me going again.

As for states so far I'm seeing a string of intro and animated screens either preceded or followed by a game loading screen and the rest of the usual game states. Also there's the matter of saving game data here as well and what to use for that.

If anyone knows let me know and keep in mind the information could be useful to others hunting for it as well.

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Hi @StormWingDelta

Our basic documentation can be found here:

Although this is a bit more technical than what you're asking about, I believe. We currently accept games that can be exported to HTML5 or WebGL. We try and be flexible in terms of how a game is set up and displayed, as this can vary from engine to engine. Save games can use localStorage.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly at with any questions or when you're ready to show your game to us!

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