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From the creators of the brutal and beloved web series; the latest installment of hardcore, twitch-based platforming is coming your way! Armor Games Studios is proud to present:

Never Give Up is a death-defying, twitch-based platformer that lets you see what you’re made of — in more ways than one — with vicious traps and hazards designed to turn you into bloody goo. The biggest installment in the franchise yet, Never Give Up is packed to the brim with stuff speedrunners will love; this includes built-in leaderboards, ghost racing, and splits timers for tracking and perfecting your route with each new run. There are also tons of costumes, collectibles, secrets and jokes to discover, made even better with the voice talent of Game Grumps’ Egoraptor (Arin Hanson) with colorful carnage illustrated by Jimp.

Success only ups the challenge — every time you beat a level, another element is layered in to make it even harder. Never Give Up’s treacherous platforming may make you rage, but with a “Give Up” button to save you, even death is a blast!

View the trailer here below, and you can purchase Never Give Up at any of the following digital storefronts:

When you find yourself doubting your next move, when you’ve been splattered across the ceiling for the umpteenth time, when the blood boils over and you want to break your keyboard across your monitor, just remember the name of the game…

For the latest updates on Never Give Up visit the official website, the official press-kit, and follow Massive Monsters and Armor Games on Twitter.

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