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Note: Most of these tips can be found in game

Going from left to right in the game:

XP mine: Hourly production of xp. XP Production is based on the level and battle rating of each of the heroes assigned.

Gold mine: Hourly production of gold. Gold production is similar to the XP production in that it depends on the battle rating and level of each of the heroes.

Grand Arena: The main fighting area in which battles are activated by Opponent-seeking tokens and prolonged by Grand Arena lives. The production of Grand Arena coins increase when battles are won and decreases when lost. Collecting coins are the main source of income in the Grand Arena. The sword and shield to the left of this collect button is the player's defense team. Setting up a good defense when offline is, in itself, a good offense. The mace and banner icon on the right of the collect button is the opponent battle icon. The opponent activated in the Grand Arena does not have a timer reset, so the opponent must be battled to move on. The shop at the bottom left includes items that are bought using the Grand Arena coins. The purchases mainly focus on upgrading the player's (Lord) weapons. To the right of the shop icon is the journal. The journal provides a history of battles either won or lost, and the rules provide a basic summary of what is expected.

Challenge: Activated once per day, this area is where players may test the strength of specific heroes and receive rewards for winning battles. To start, click choose heroes and sort through the various heroes and weapons for the strongest and most powerful teams. The number of stars that each challenge hero obtains is based on the highest number of stars on any one of the player's heroes. As each battle is won (from left to right), at any point in time, the player can quit the challenge and receive the rewards by selecting the top right button for finish and collect awards. As always, any remaining questions can be found in the "help" icon.

Mailbox: Any daily awards from the Grand Arena, Arena, or other specific activities are shown in the mailbox.

Tavern: Shows challenges to complete in order to get card rewards. After completing all five tavern challenges, the player is rewarded a bonus card.

Arena: The secondary fighting area in which players can battle those of equal ranking and battle rating. The sword and shield to the left side is the player's defense team. Setting up a good defense when offline is, in itself, a good offense. The sword and ribbon icon on the right side is the opponent battle icon. The opponents in the Arena are refreshed every 15 minutes. Winning four matches rewards the player with a bonus reward from a chest. This chest is reactivated every certain number of hours. Daily rewards and wins awards the player with coins, valor points (shield), and sometimes gems. The valor points are used in the shop (bottom left corner) to upgrade the heroes stats. The journal shows the history of battles and the seasons shows the winners of the previous season and the rewards for high standings on the current season.

Chest: Random rewards or cards can be bought here using coins or gems. Refreshed each day.

Market: Random, basic everyday items with a few rare and expensive items

Campaign: Place for quick battles and easy rewards. Normal Mode is where the rewards for completion are coins, artifacts, and artifact shards. Heroic Mode is where the rewards for completion are rune shards. These rune shards (once reaching ten of the same item) can be converted to a rune that upgrades the overall battle rating and specific battle area of a hero.

Smithy: Place to transform unwanted artifacts or armor into Hero Coins and Lord Coins, respectively. These coins can be spent in the Workshop or Create option to find better artifacts and armor. The workshop icon is found at the right of the amount of Hero Coins and Lord Coins.

Adventures: Three different locations with different difficulties opened on different days of the week. Rewards are coins, artifacts, and artifact shards, and the value of these rewards increase as the difficulty increases.

Guild: Player-specific area. When a player joins a guild, the guild pot becomes a battle option. Guild pot is a battle activity where each member of the guild battles other players. After the allotted time ends, each member is rewarded based on their ranking in the guild pot. The Union Points obtained from such rewards can be spent in the shop to upgrade specific cards. The members option shows a list of all the members of the guild. Action shows the player the available options based on the rank of the player in the guild (it also shows the option to leave the guild)

Overall, this is a summary of the buildings on the home screen and their specific details and rewards. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time in a day to describe every detail in this game since it is very complex.

Anyway, enjoy the game.

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