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On social media, I see everyone posting about a video of a police officer killing a black man in custody by putting him in a deadly choke hold. The man’s name was George Floyd. I wanted to create this thread in case anyone wanted to talk about it. Some questions to start: Is this even worthy of asking for change? If so, what changes need to be made. How is social media being used to address the issue, and is it effective? What is your opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement? What are Asian-Americans’ or other minorities’ roles in the movement? What are white people’s role in the movement?

I tried to make the questions as unbiased as possible, but I do have a strong opinion about this topic. Please share your thoughts or ask questions if something is unclear. I’ll try my best to gather all the credible information as I can. Let’s please be civil and probably most importantly let’s compassionate as people have lost their lives and lost their loved ones. Thank you.

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