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Don't Escape Walkthrough Written by William

  1. Go outside
  2. Grab the axe that's in the stump
  3. Pick up the wood that's next to the stump
  4. Pick up the mushroom on the bottom right of the screen
  5. Get the chain that's hanging under the roof
  6. Go Inside
  7. Get the rope by the door
  8. Move Left
  9. Click the herb on the hook
  10. Use axe on table
  11. Collect the wood from the table
  12. Move Left
  13. Click on the coat to get the key for the door
  14. Click under the bed to get the key for the box
  15. Move Right
  16. Use the gold key on the box, take hammer and nails from the box
  17. Move Left
  18. Close the window, use planks on the window, use hammer and nails on the planks
  19. Open third drawer down, take the tinderbox
  20. Move Left
  21. Pick up the glass bottle on the table
  22. Click on the floor at the very bottom center to open a trap door, take the meat and the spice, then click the floor again to exit the trap door
  23. Use logs of wood on fireplace, then use tinderbox on the wood that's in the fireplace
  24. Put spice, herb, and mushroom in the pot above the fire
  25. Collect the potion with the glass bottle
  26. Use the potion on the meat
  27. Move Left
  28. Shut the door, then use the key on the door
  29. Move the shelf in front of the door
  30. Move Left
  31. Put the meat on the hook
  32. Use chain and rope on yourself
Wait till dusk, Get the results

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