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What should a highschooler like me do to prepare for studying computer science.

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Overall I'd say don't over worry about things for now. A lot of students will know much more about programming than you at the start but just focus on yourself, colleges assume you know nothing about programming in your entry level courses, so you'll be okay as long as you keep up with the material.
If you keep at it all those kids who knew a bunch going into college won't know anymore than you by sophomore year honestly.

Some things you already heard but that I found true,
Don't be afraid to ask questions, even stupid questions, a lot of the people who judge you for those questions end up dropping out in my experience at least, it was almost poetic.
If you're lost or stuck on a assignment or topic in class go visit the professor don't be shy you pay a ridiculous amount of money to be there, get the most out of them.
Socialize with your peers, making friends in college is important and having people who also study the same material allows you to talk about it with them and that will help you learn and form healthy habits. Group projects will be less of a headache if you already have a friend group established early.

That's all for now, I have more advice for later on in college but I think this is more than enough.

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