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This is something I wrote on my account, so some things may not fully make sense without context.
Anyway, I wanted to give my thanks and goodbyes, since I'll be busy and have to go be responsible and stuff. I'm leaving a great part of my childhood behind, so I figured I may as well say a few words.

Another two years have passed,
and this comment may be my last.
I must say that 7 years have gone by.
And this end seems like a lie.
Alas, the end is here.
My mood goes down, like my tears.
But thank you for all the time together.
This time I spent here, will be with me forever.
Thank you, Armor Games community.
In our hearts, you live eternally.

Thanks to the Armor Games community for being so friendly.
Thanks to the Developers, who created new and now nostalgic games.
Thanks to the Armor Games Mods who kept the site running for so long.
And thank you, kind stranger, for hearing my words to the end.

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