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We are pleased to announce that the kaleidoscopic puzzle game SOLAS 128 is now available for purchase on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

SOLAS 128 takes place within a neon clockwork mechanism that is under attack. A strange external force has taken over, leaving disarray in its wake. Players must carefully repair the machine by learning how it works, and solving over 150 interlocking screens of puzzles.

At its heart, SOLAS 128 is a beam deflection game with a difference. Instead of light beams, the game is built around distinct pulses which move in perfect sync with the unique, neon-soaked synth-wave soundtrack. Players will need to reflect, collide, merge, split, and filter these pulses to explore the strange space, and reconnect the pathways that have been destroyed. Soon puzzles will start to spill across multiple screens, and they’ll need to think big to orchestrate a solution for the game’s damaged clockwork.
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