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Raid Heroes: Total War is an RTS game released in May 2020, right after I stopped gaming on AG temporarily to prepare for the SAT. To be frank, this game is not beginner-friendly. I'd say that most beginners go through a difficult time before their squad has enough heroes.
Alright, let's get on to business.

1. Resources
Crystals should be the resource of utmost importance. You don't have to look very far to find out why this is so. Crystals can be used to exchange for gold and many other things. While you'll have to pay money to buy crystals. However, I strongly recommend using crystals for upgrading your heroes. Beginners often suffer from crystal shortage, hence, don't spend too many crystals on coins or cards as you can get these elsewhere. Crystals are more difficult to get than stars or coins. Raiding provides little crystals. Battling in the Arena is too risky. So the best way to get crystals is to do quests in the game. Upgrading your Crystal Mine should also be high on your to-do list. Once your Crystal Mine can generate enough crystals, you overcome a difficult period.

2. Buildings
Don't upgrade buildings generating gold since they reset after starting a new raid. Upgrade Crystal Mine first, then Arena, then buildings generating cards and portals.

3. Heroes
The tutorial will offer three options while selecting your first hero. You may choose either Knight or Elf. Forget Assassin. I'll explain later.

Heroes are divided into three types: Warriors, Mages and Shooters. But I'd split the heroes into four categories:

Melee units with decent health. Most of them have close quarter debuff abilities such as stun and scatter, which prevents the enemies from approaching your Core Units and Supporters. Since melee attacks can be easily interrupted when under siege, DPS is nonsense.
Priority: Health>Ability>DPS>Speed

-Core Units
Ranges units responsible for dealing damage. They are usually fragile in melee fights and will retreat if enemies get near them. (However, they can only retreat to the baseline of your side, which I think should be improved)
Priority: Ability>Health>Speed>DPS
Maybe I shall explain about it. Health is also important for these guys, especially in PVP battles. Enemy Green Arrow and Hunter have a nasty tendency to slaughter your Core units.

-Defensive Supporters
Units giving buffs to allies, such as Fairy and King. There shouldn't be too many of them on your squad, but they really count. Without them, your Tanks and Core Units could have been slain easily 🙂
Priority: Ability>Health>DPS>Speed
Nothing else to say. Protect them well. Put them in corners and set their speed to 0.

-Offensive Supporters
Units MAINLY used to give debuffs to enemies or distract them. Offensive Supporters are units of dubious value. They might just do nothing except creating tiny little chaos, while sometimes they can also turn the tide. Best to have them stand still.
Priority: Ability>Health>DPS>Speed

4. Beginning
The reason why Assassin is not a good option is that this guy is too fragile. The second hero you get is Fairy, who is a melee unit. Recommended combinations are:
(Tank)+Fairy(Defensive Supporter/Tank)
(Core Unit)+Fairy(Tank)
After you get at a Tank, a Defensive Supporter and a Core Unit, you may consider adding Assassin to your squad.

If you get stuck while raiding, start a new raid. This will help you get more cards. Thus, you can get more powerful characters. Also, enemies at the same stage change positions each time you quit and then get into it. You may start the battle when enemies are in a position which is easier for you to win.

In Event Raids, the best stats of the heroes are used. It's much more efficient for beginners to collect hero cards in this way. Go over Event Raids when available.

After you have enough stars, you can explore new artifacts. There are three kinds of artifacts:
Health: Equip to Tanks.
DPS+Ability: If DPS is higher than Ability, equip them to whomever you want. If Ability is higher than DPS, equip to Core Units. If there are still spare artifacts, equip them to Supporters.
Health+DPS+Ability: Equip to those heroes who are never going to appear in the squad.

5. Miscellaneous
-Blazons can be bought from the trader with crystals.
-Traps are not very useful. Don't spend too many resources on them.
-Fighting in the Arena is a risky option, especially for beginners. Choose your opponent wisely.
-From where I stand, it'll be better to have a quit battle button during PVE fights.
-To join a clan, you may send an application to the clan leader and wait for the clan leader to accept you into the clan. Clan leaders can also invite you to join the clan. The maximum number of members in a clan is 20.
-This guide is specially written for beginners not willing to pay money to get through the grinding period. However, this is only a guide. There are a significant number of ways to master this game. Find the most suitable way for yourself.
-Failure is a common occurrence in the early stages. Be patient. Things will gradually change for the better.

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