ForumsGamesLooking for a puzzle game I used to play. Was called something like BL3ND or BLIND.

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Graphics/art style:
Basic 2D adobe flash animations with an eerie and unsettling vibe to them.
Notable gameplay mechanics:

2D puzzle game where you moved an eye around a screen and would try to get it to a white portal. After you solve a level, a piece of life advice is given to you that relates to the level. Stuff along the lines of "Expectations ruin your perception", or "Patience is key" (These are not exact quotes).

Other details:

One of the first levels was a lesson in anticipation. It had a series of hands push you throughout the level and before you could get to the portal a random hand would pop out from offscreen and push you off and make you lose the level.

The color scheme was very muted and lackluster.

The first and the last level were mirrors of each other

Any other important information can be provided upon request.

Thanks a lot in advance. Sorry if this is the wrong way, this is my first time posting.

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