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Okay, so I played this game a while ago, like years sort of thing, and I wanted to see if I could dust off this account and play it, but I can't remember the name of it, and I was an idiot and didn't favorite it, I'm making this post hoping someone knows what game it is, here are all it's features that I can remember;

you played as a donkey and you had a companion, I can't remember if it was either a fox or something else
you were on a quest for a donkey princess I think
you were a blacksmith
you made swords and other weapons for soldiers that would fight enemies, bows, hammers, etc...

those are all of what I remember, but I hope it narrows it down enough, considering I found nothing when I searched through all of the idle and adventure topics and searched for anything with the names "blacksmith" "smith" "jack" and "donkey"

I'm also not too sure of how to format posts here, tell me if I'm messing something up

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