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It has been a while since design was introduced, so I assume everyone had time to figure out its pros and cons.
While I like this new design in general, I have strong complain about category screen. In old design there were many games fit into one page (how many, 15? 20? 30? more?), but in new design there are only 10 games listed per page (I do not take into account popular/featured section because it is not what I seek when I open category). Not only the number of them is very low per page, but they are also placed at the very bottom of the page.
This makes browsing for games unpleasant experience. It is almost like the site itself is telling me following: "No, you do not want to browse games, you want to play these 2 featured games, do not thank me".
As somebody who has been here for years (even before I registered), I feel very disappointed by these changes. Can you reevaluate this design to make it more appropriate for your audience?

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@Arctomachine Thanks for the feedback. We've tweaked the game category listings to show more games per page and also hidden the featured and popular games sections on subsequent pages.

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