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Chances are, you're here because you remember playing Sonny (2007), Sonny 2 (2008), and/or Sinjid (2013) and you were wondering all sorts of questions. "Is Sonny 3 still in development?", "Will Krin's games return to Armor Games?", "Where is Krin right now? What's happened to them?". We don't have all the answers and unfortunately, they may never come (TL;DR will be at the bottom).

Now a quick disclaimer. I have no inside information. I'm in the dark just as much as all of you. I am simply making this forum post to speculate and put together most of the information (key word: most) we have and know about. I mean not to mislead anyone about anything in regards to this subject, so I urge you to do your own research, take what I say with a grain of salt, and don't spread misinformation yourself.

First, let's try answering this question: "Will Krin's games return to Armor Games?" The most blunt answer I can give you is I do not know. Maybe I just haven't read around enough or I've been living under a rock, but as far as I know, we do not know how Armor Games goes about bringing back old Flash games specifically. We have solutions they have provided us and have told us they are working on still bringing as many Flash games back as possible to their website, but ultimately, we do not know the specifics of the procedure they must execute. With that in mind, they could require direct contact with the developer and if the Dev as gone dark... yeah you can see where I'm going with this. It would be really nice if an Armor Games official could shed some light on this, but I understand if that doesn't happen. You guys are doing your best and this place is still awesome!

Next question: "Is Sonny 3 still in development?" Well, yes, but actually no. The long and short of it, Krin and team have been radio silent for years. "Sonny 3" is now being "developed" by a fan... and they've also been radio silent since 2020.
To explain as to "why?" simply: Both parties have just been busy with their personal lives. As stated by Dora in the most recent Steam community thread in reference to Sonny (2017): "Krin is essentially just... working. Krin has a day job in addition to his development work on Sonny for Android, and he's never been much for social media.". As for the fan game of Sonny 3, it was being developed by one person and that person was or is focusing more on their job as well.

So to summarize and add some more info, our last known communications with Krin directly as a community have all but halted (as far as I know) around 2017. Communications with people related to Krin in some way have also stopped around that time, mainly in July. Our latest update on the development of the fan game of Sonny 3 was in 2020 with a video explaining that the project is in VERY slow development. Our questions may never be answered as the people we should ask are currently being radio silent and while I hold nothing against them for it, I think we can all agree that it would be really nice to have some form of certainty on the future of Sonny and Sinjid.

Now, another disclaimer. I was very biased towards the Sonny series in this, I know, but that's because Sonny is where most of the community has been talking due to the most recent release from Kirn being Sonny (2017). Also, I am barely active here anymore. In fact, this is the first time I've logged into this account in years. Any comments on this post, I'll probably not see but I still encourage civil conversation and speculations.

Lots of radio silence has made the future for these games and the people behind them very uncertain. Chances are we may never be given the answers we seek.

To everyone who has read this, I hope you have an amazing morning/afternoon/night!

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Thank you for taking the time to make this post. I'll say it's a bummer he took down his forum some years ago. Hopefully his games make a return to Armor Games.

In the meantime, good luck to him in his endeavors at work. If he's working a job as a developer, I can relate to that. Personally, I don't feel like touching any programming after work. Perhaps that's the case; regardless, best of wishes to him.

And you have an amazing morning/afternoon/night too!

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