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So it was fantasy rpg, where you created your own party. There were many classes but most were under pay wall. The ones that i remember:
1) Guard - uses spear and heavy shield, mechanics based on counter attack chance and agro skills
2) Monk - didn't have many equipment slot (only armour and 4 talismans), mechanics was based on procking additional attack percentage which could prock again with diminishing returns
3) Ninja (paid class) - better monk, could equip weapons, bigger chance of proking multi-attacks and were hitting multiple targets

Levelling system was simple: kill mobs, get xp, level up your characters, gain skill point and spend it on skill

There were also party mechanics:
1) You could select party leader which gave buff/debuff to party based on his stats
2) Charisma stat increased/decreased party slots, like from 1 to 6 if i remember correctly

Solo campaign was number of tile based maps with random monster encounters, maps also had secret rooms

MMO part was very simple and not real time:
1) You could duel another players party in coliseum and register your party so other players could duel your party
2) Wisdom stat had additional mechanic in mmo part - PVP
The more wisdom your characters had the more moves he can use and more complex they could become
ex.: less than 10 wisdom - could only attack random target
more than 10 opened possibility to use potions, skills and add conditions when to use. More wisdom more slots for scripted action and more conditions

It was pay to win, very predatory. Game owners were selling stat increases (but there were limit how much you could by for account and how much character could use), higher drop rates, damage buffs, protection buffs. In the beginning they even sold action points, but that was removed. Basically with those boost you could max out almost every character in your party, except several stat points because you would get some boost for completing game and end dungeons.

You could play it on armorgames using temporary guest account or going to game companies website

Later company that owned this game created one of the first merchant games, where you had shop, in closing hours you choose what items to craft (potions, weapons, armour, accessories), in open hours heroes came to your shop and ask for specific item, if you had it, you could sell it to him ( also you could bargain price) gaining reputation and gold, if you hadn't there was a chance to loose reputation. Then you could spend gold on crafting or increasing shop, more reputation you had more heroes came and paid more. This game used same portraits from rpg game (classes and NPCs) for heroes

Pls, tell me i'm not crazy, and this game existed and you remember the name.
Because I cant remeber it and google searches or websites with game list gave me 0 results.

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