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I'm feeling nostalgic for a turn-based game I played years ago. (More than 5 years ago.) It goes something like the main character is a necromancer of legend or demon lord who has awoken from their crypt after an incredibly long time. There to greet you is a loyal bat familiar who talks and is really close to you like you two are buddies.

Supposedly you are or were evil aligned, but the story has you take up the role of good and saving the world from a forbidden ritual from being completed. (Something to do with the antagonist being a knight/king who tries to reanimate a loved one from the dead.)

Graphics are pixel-based and the music sounds like it comes straight out of GBA game. Gameplay is single-player, turn-based with a grid on your side and a grid on your opponent's side. The grids fill up with armies where you switch around units to make lines of matching units that attack the enemy after a certain number of turns and the same thing goes for your opponent. Your army mainly consists of zombies and other evil-alligned type monsters that you can level up and unlock new types over the course of the game. The game also has an overworld map that you can travel on between skirmishes.

If you were to show me the game, I could probably recognize it right away at a glance.

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