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Some of the information found in this walkthrough was sourced from lolthejoke's own guide, although most of it is revised and some of it is removed. This Walkthrough guide applies mostly to Order and the Far East Empire, although there is the Great Trade Republic in here. Some of the information found here applies to all nations in the game, but not all of them are specific info like units for all nations and such.

Feudalism Guide:

Start every game by doing some delivery quests, since they are the easiest quests to do and don't require fighting (Unless you run into a random fight) . Keep doing them until you have about 2000-5000 depending on how well you know the game.

When you have this amount of money buy about 10 1/3 heal scrolls and 1 quick attack scroll (Quick attack scrolls increase the attack speed of all units, so it is very important to use them, although units that have high attack speed may get a small boost and the scroll won't boost your own attack speed).

For your character you should try to equip the best armor you can and any weapons that increase defense or health. Make sure he or she hides in the back and doesn't go in combat, unless you have good equipment and stats.

It is very important that you try and max out Intelligence, Patriotism, and Art of War as soon as possible, as all of those increase your unit's hp and damage, so maxing Intelligence to 200, Art of War to 100 and Patriotism to 100 should be a very big increase in strength for your army and will make your army nearly invincible, especially when you have the best melee units and ranged units.

When building an army, make sure to always get the 5 best melee units of your nation (You usually don't need any other units of any other nation ), And then 5 range units in a row. Keep repeating that until you don't want to keep doing it anymore.

Bowmen are usually much better than crossbowmen, as there arrow ability allows you to hit a larger area of enemies, while the crossbowmen ability allows you to hit in a down line like | .

When conquering your first city, pick a small one. You will see Small, giant villages and Cities of every country. First pick a small village of your own country. Click the fast attack scroll and when troops get a bit damaged use the health scrolls. Don't be afraid to use them, they only cost 50 gold and most troops cost alot more than that.

When you need money, sell weapons at the market. Selling weapons can make you very large amounts of money, especially when you start obtaining high valued weapons such as magical weapons and gold weapons.

You don't actually need to buy a horse, reckon you have the equipment (Provided you actually want to fight yourself, which you usually don't need to do), you have the stats, and the army. If you do want to use a horse however, don't use Two Handed Weapons, as it doesn't let you.

Jana is a good starting city, because capturing gerlitz early using jana , gerlitz allows you to have access to Grey infantry and St bowmen, which if you use the 5 melee units and 5 ranged unit strategy above, using Grey Infantry and St Bowmen and having enough of them, you can capture Sturmburg early and use the elite units to further strengthen your army.

Alexandria is sometimes one of the hardest territories to capture as having a weak army will result in loss as the oil throwers will obliterate your army and can kill Black Samurai even with nearly maxed Int, Patriotism and Art of War, unless you just spam healing or arrows.

Knights and Black Samurai are two of the best units in the game, with them being very strong, and knights being walking castles with the amount of hp you will have with their hp being a base 750, their shields, their defense being 60 and their hp highly strengthened with max int, patriotism and art of war. As such, playing as Order is usually the best because of the Knight Units you unlock when capturing Braunburg. Spam healing is usually a good idea as well if you are worried about losing your knights, or any tough melee unit. You can use scrolls for healing yourself as well, so you can use them if you ran out of self healing potions.

Don't worry about Echigo, as you will be prepared enough to easily destroy the black samurais.

If you play as the male leader or female leader of the Far East Empire, using shurikens is more recommended than using a katana or ninja-to, since the swords usually miss unless you spend stat points on Far East Weapons, which isn't recommended.

Once you have tons and tons of money, don't bother spending money on the weak units and instead focus on the strongest units, as once you get tons and tons of items, selling them will net you very large amounts of money later.

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