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Can we get more quest games?
My reasons
1 it can hard for a new member to complete a lot of quests and level up
2 there are only a few quest games that the quests can be completed on IPads
3 more quests=more new players and old players enjoying the game more
4 noobs are gonna have trouble leveling up 🆙
5 I am having trouble getting points

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Honestly, more quest games would be a great idea. To be fair, they have a couple of quest games that were made in flash now ruffle emulated, which is nice, although some of them have problems, like swords and souls deleting your save data randomly, or clicker hero's quests not working, Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers with the online thing not allowing you to use your account to play unless you reload the page countless times, and for some reason King League odyssey doesn't load past 25% unless your on a pc.

Noobs can level up through the games, although it's alot of grinding to do so. Before, when there was no flash quest games available, I had to do armor game site quests, as well as the html5 game quests and had to wait for a couple of flash game quests to come back.

And yeah, they really do need to add more quest games to armor games. Like seriously, there are almost no html5 quest games, only two so far. Adding quest flash games back takes forever (Which I understand), and once you complete all the current flash game quests available, html5 quests, and some armor game quests, you could level up once or twice about, but that's it.

Also, if you or anyone could tell me what quest games only work on Ipad, that'd be great.

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