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Through the world

I sat.
The breeze of my outer world
surrounded me,
filled my lungs

I sat on the water's edge
on a rock
where fish
had died of
this world's air

I sat
not looking
not hearing
not tasting or smelling
not feeling
or even thinking

but I sat
tasting and smelling
and thinking

not through me,
through the world.


You pushed me down deep
slammed my face into a box
locked it up tight
I could not see you;
you could see me.
you could see the exit
quite clearly.
I could not.
I searched for a hole,
a single ray of light
I found none.
Was there an exit?
Was there a key?
You had it.
Only you could open the box;
only you knew the truth.

Perfect is not enough

I live in a cut and paste world.
I say, "I hate this nose! Throw it away!"
"These eyes! They are not lavender
like hers."
"this eyebrow is too short!"
"These lips? Too fat!"
They cut and paste till perfection,
but still,
perfection is not enough.


I am only what you eyes perceive I am
only what you make of me.
You see my eyes, my face,
but you don't see me.
I am that first flower bud
I am that last snow
the waves of wind in the trees
and the Snow Lion's dark eyes.
your eyes will never
see behind that curtain.
Your eyes will never
see me.

So.... you like?! post comments and criticism. If you think I plagiarized... I did not. Check if you must but I will cry with happiness because I know that this is the highest honor a author can resieve. Thank you all so much for reading.

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