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This poem is about a samurai named "Demon"


Deep in the mist dwells a man named Shimon,
He was known as Demon,
A lone wolf, his sword doth he brandish,
He kills his foes with moves outstandish,
He searches for a lover once lost,
He last saw her with winter's frost,
The king is the one to blame,
reaping his life and causing great pain,
A samurai, by the king betrayed,
Once again, he brandishes his blade
He hunts day and night,
his path is that of light,
He finds her in a cell,
He gives the guards a taste of hell,
He then hunts the head of the king,
The demon challenges him to the ring,
Corruption gone, and a king slain,
the kingdom is his to claim,
He was a valiant ruler,
making the king before look crueler,
He guarded the land of violence and crime,
he strode to battle when came the time,
He was known as King Demon,
This is the story of Shimon.

- Pyro

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