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Rule 1: Please be considerate to them. Do not post after every comment made by a Moderator or Administrator. In our games, they let us get to a high number, then stop, so it's a little more fun. Just let them have fun, considering all the work they do for Armor Games, it's the only considerate thing to do.

Rule 2: Don't post multiple times in a row without a Moderator or Administrator gets the count going again. This is spamming, even though it is in the Forum Games section where you get no AP. It really hasn't been an outlet for them to work together and have some fun while they are "working". They made this because they wanted to turn the tables and do a game for them, let them at least be able to play it!

Rule 3: No casual talking in the game in between posts. This also goes off-topic and ruins the game for the Moderators and Administrators who actually make and give the games to us!

Rule 4: Be nice to them, let them get high in the count, then maybe destroy the count they have going. Just remember, this is a nice thing for them to have to have some fun while they make the site better for all of us.

Thank you, and be nice to the Moderators and Administrators, you have no idea what they do every single day to make this site as great as it is!

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