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He Kills Again

Are You No- one?
Hey reject, are you no one?
Have you no shadow under the sun?
You think you have a reason,
To keep committing treason,
Stay inside and smoke your weed,
Only your own demons, you feed,
Come forth and talk,
We will help you once more walk,
Or shall I stamp it on your forehead,
And lay all day in your bed?
Will you let your demons control you?
Override and bind you?
You must stand up and believe,
And these demons reprieve,
Can you be someone on this planet?
Or will you let your demons run rampit?

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srry forgot the first one

He Kills Again
Laying quietly in your bed,
Resting your weary head,
You do not hear him coming,
For he has guile and cunning,
Through the window see you a face in a mask,
He seeks to complete his task,
Shut the window, lock the door,
It is you heâs looking for,
Donât run, youâll trip and fall,
Donât try to hide at all,
Youâre filled with fear as your heart begins to race,
Hold those who are dear, as you look into his face,
He breaks down the door,
You collapse on the floor,
Release your life unto him,
His task complete, he grins an evil grin,
Now he hides,
Time, he bides,
Be careful in your family den,
For tonight, he kills again.

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