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Ok this isn't much of a game, more of a competition liek thing but whatever. Anyway this game will be based on AG ONLY. So heres how you play.

I will either post a Ag trivia question or a zoomed in image.

For example:

Q: Who created Armorgames?

I will post this and you will try to answer, if you get it right you will get points, dependign on the difficulty you will receive mroe points. I will be having a leaderboard for the amount of points.

ok for the picture guessing this will how it will go
I will post this zoomed in image and you will have to guess it

Again, depending on the difficulty you will receive different points. Also the more detailed you describe it, the more poitns you will get.
Example: That image is an image of the AG logo
Better Example: Thats an image of the Ag logo right between the letter 'A' and the shield.

So now it will start with..........

Q: When were the AP unlockable Armatars introduced?
(5 points)

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