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I'll use this topic to post all of my work from now on...

The Dreamer

There once was a dreamer,
His name was John Steemer,
Left for his friend's house, did John,
He talked with his friend Ron,
He told of his dreams of great proportion,
John's dreams put Ron's mind into distortion,
He entered a contest to win money,
People thought his dreams were funny,
only to lose and have his dreams broken,
shattered they were, like a glass bokken*,
He picked up his dreams off the floor,
only to find a closed door,
Kicked out of his home, a bum on the streets,
he still dreamed, coming along money was a treat,
He dreamed of a house in paradise,
With others, he played games of dice,
Eventually did he die, old John Steemer,
They wrote on his tombstone "here lies the great homeless dreamer"

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I know it is a sin, but I envy you, I hope that I can do some poetry as good as yours, this is a great poem and most are.

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Here's one for anyone that is a soldier or knows one...


I live in a sandy cell,
I push through this hell,
I fight for two goals,
To come back home and peace total,
Sometimes I sleep,
Sometimes not for days,
Close friends I can not keep,
Because with their lives they pay,
Sometimes there is quiet,
Sometimes there is mass riot,
Sometimes I am venerable,
Sometimes I am indestructible,
I've seen people die,
I've seen strong men cry,
Another mission I do without thought,
But for Freedom I have fought,
It will be long before I can go home,
But no wife or children, I am alone,
Ominous, dark death hangs over my head,
I know with every move I might be dead,
I am a lowly pawn,
Wondering if I'll survive untill dawn,
My sacrifice is a great thing,
Because I have helped freedom ring.

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Fantastic!!!!!!! Great Poems!!

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Another Day in my Life
This is just another day in my life,
The wings of the bird were cut by a knife,
I wish to fly free,
But this hell traps me,
Beaten by the mother culture,
Is this my grim future?
Break free, I cry,
Crucified every time I try,
For now, the mother culture wears the crown,
Like an eroded wall, I brake down,
How long, till this war is over,
We still lay in the dark cover.

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Nice poems, thepyro22.

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A tribute to one of my favorite people in history, Alexander The Great

Forced to Fight
War has been declared,
Soldiers are forced to fight,
Women and children scared,
In their frightful plight,
A siege takes place tonight,
Their kingdom lays in dismay,
Alexander had victory that day,
A powerful ruler was he,
He led out of fear, you see,
Another kingdom, Alexander will strike,
Put the enemiesâ heads on pikes,
They plot to take them by surprise,
Seek out the ultimate prize,
Alexanderâs victory is at hand,
He will rule across the land,
The world will be ours,
They will cower in their final hours,
Victory for the great Alexander,
No more of the corrupted kingsâ slander.

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Here is a good one commin' your way

ï"ï¨ï¥ï ïï®ï©ï§ï¨ï´ï ï¯ï¦ï ïï¯ïµï²ï ïï¥ï²ï¯

In the darkness of night doth dwell,
A man whose name no one can tell,
He lurks in the shadow and feeds off human life,
Like an angle of death, from nowhere, he strikes
You run from him, but it is a game of cat and mouse,
He is coming, don't wander from your house,
His lust for blood remains unquenched,
He is the master of slaughter, in blood his soul is drenched,
People have tried to kill this monstrosity,
He laughs and kills with ravenous ferocity,
His skin pale, and his eyes red,
He has been for thousands of years, he is undead,
No one knows where the creature hides in day,
He returns to hunt when the skies turn grey,
Like seeing Jack the Ripper, you feel your impending doom,
His shadow blocks out the moon,
If you see the night shadow,
Do not show your fear, do not run in fright,
Stay indoors, turn out the light,
For the creature hunts tonight,
"No more, shall this creature hold us captive with fear,
It is time to fight for everything you hold dear,"
"Light torches, grab stakes,
A hunt, we will undertake,"
"No more, will you fill our hearts with fear,
Show yourself, for your end draws near,"
The creature came from no where and out of the sky he dives,
In his leg, a stake someone drives,
The Creature let out a scream of pain,
Black blood, from his leg, drains,
The creature ripped the head of someone, completely off his shoulders,
Another was crushed by falling boulders,
"Time to die" I said as I jumped on his back,
I stabbed him with my stake, His blood was black,
He screamed in pain, and to the ground we fell,
"Your reign has ended, now back to hell,"
Unfortunately, the creature rises,
Through my arm, a knife he dives,
Incredible was the pain,
"Time for you to die," he said, "no more games,"
He took a stab at me and missed,
The cold lips of death, I almost kissed,
I got free of his grip, and I stabbed him in the heart with my stake, and drove it in,
His eyes turned black, and his eyes dim,
"I am slain" he said with his last whim,
"The demon is dead" I announced,
my arm was bleeding in a sleeve of crimson- red,
The blood stained soldiers rejoiced in my victory,
We had a feast of pork, smoked with Hickory,
I was made a hero and got luxuries undreamable,
Some people thought my story unbelievable,
I lived my days in royalty,
I was called a hero,
And I came known as "The Knight of Hour Zero"

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