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Hey all u Twilight (by Stephanie Meyer) fans! I wont be only talking about twilight so make shure u have r the whole saga ( Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and soon to come Breaking Dawn. Not to mention Twilight the Movie also)! Now b/c my friends wont answer me i am posting a good talk about it here with lots of questions for u all to answer. I LOVE to here them to! First one What sides are u on Team Edward (Thats me, i want her 2 be a vampire), Team Jacob or Team Bella (team bella means that u just can't choose yet)? My Last for today is what do u think will be bellas special ability (if she gets one, and if she is turned) be? I think she will be some sort of luck charm, u no like giving ppl good luck or making bad things happen 2 ppl! Please think these through, but i love 2 here what others have 2 say. I CAN'T WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWN!

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