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Quick auto glitches, You'll notice them fast.

-18 1i 18 1i,-1a 1j -p 19,18 1j m 17,5p -q 6a -11 6b -18,af -m am 7 ar 18 bt 2i d3 3g e8 44 fp 4i h2 4k,n5 4n m6 59 l5 5l ju 61 ij 6j hb 76 g0 7e ei 7a d4 70,9q 5d 97 4l,n2 4n o8 4i pd 4r,7i 36 86 3l,8q 46 9g 4u,aq 64 a5 5o 9l 56 9b 4h 8n 3n,ag -n a4 -p,h1 4k i9 44,ia 4c i7 3u,r bj 17 e5 1v et 3p g0 6o gc 8i gc,r bj r 7b,1f bi 1f 7c,8g gc hd gc iv ft iv eg ij g2,i7 g4 iv et,iv f7 hr g7,hh ga iv fh,iv fn h8 gc,j0 en id g1,i3 g5 j0 f2,iv fb hu g6,j0 eg pl go sk go uq fj 10k fj 12o gl,12m gl 1dq gl#9f i0 9a i0#G 5p 2o 5k,B 2 2p gv,B 2 2v dr,B 7j -q mf,B g2 6v jo,B c0 6e l5,B a1 51 m6

This is a spawn glitch, effin awesome:
-18 1i -18 1s fu 1i,-18 1s g8 1i,-18 1s -u 1i,-18 1s -k 1i,-18 1s -a 1i,-18 1s 0 1i,-18 1s a 1i,-18 1s k 1i,-18 1s u 1i,-18 1s 18 1i,-18 1s 1i 1i,-18 1s 1s 1i,-18 1s 26 1i,-18 1s 2g 1i,-18 1s 2q 1i,-18 1s 34 1i,-18 1s 3e 1i,-18 1s 3o 1i,-18 1s 42 1i,-18 1s 4c 1i,-18 1s 4m 1i,-18 1s 50 1i,-18 1s 5a 1i,-18 1s 5k 1i,-18 1s 5u 1i,-18 1s 68 1i,-18 1s 6i 1i,-18 1s 6s 1i,-18 1s 76 1i,-18 1s 7g 1i,-18 1s 7q 1i,-18 1s 84 1i,-18 1s 8e 1i,-18 1s 8o 1i,-18 1s 92 1i,-18 1s 9c 1i,-18 1s 9m 1i,-18 1s a0 1i,-18 1s aa 1i,-18 1s ak 1i,-18 1s au 1i,-18 1s b8 1i,-18 1s bi 1i,-18 1s bs 1i,-18 1s c6 1i,-18 1s cg 1i,-18 1s cq 1i,-18 1s d4 1i,-18 1s de 1i,-18 1s do 1i,-18 1s e2 1i,-18 1s ec 1i,-18 1s em 1i,-18 1s f0 1i,-18 1s fa 1i,-18 1s fk 1i##

And finish it with my competition winning streets

-18 1i 18 1i g9 1i,-o 1t o 1t,9 2a -c 2a,-19 1i -85 1i,-84 1h -c4 1h,-98 1g -c5 -1h,-8m 1h -c4 -u,-7t 1h -c5 -6,-71 1i -c6 e,-6g 1h -c6 10,ga -ec f7 1h,en 1h gb -cl,ga -bi e2 1e,dc 1j gb -a9,gb -8t ci 1h,bu 1i ga -7l,ga -6l b6 1g,ag 1i ga -5k,g9 -4u 9o 1i,95 1h ga -48,ga -3h 8f 1i,7m 1j ga -2e,ga -1f 71 1j,69 1j ga -q,ga -6 5g 1i,4t 1h g8 c,g8 v 3m 1i,nd 1i nd 1u -c4 1u -c4 1i,-c4 8n 15j 8n,-c3 8n -vo 8n,-vo 8l -vn -1,-vn -2 -v0 8n,-uf 8m -vp o,-u0 8o -vq 14,-tf 8m -vs 1h,-su 8l -vu 2a,-sc 8l -101 30,-ru 8l -103 3p,-r5 8m -10c 4p,-qe 8m -10i 5n,-pl 8m -10s 6i,-ou 8m -119 7g,-nu 8n -126 8a,-vn -3 -vq n -vq 12,-vr 13 -vt 1g -100 28 -102 30 -105 3o -10c 4o,-10b 4o -10j 5m,-10i 5m -10t 6g,-10s 6g -117 7g,-118 7f -127 8a,-9o 1e -c5 -22,-c5 1g -c7 -23,-c6 -2b -9s 1g,-c6 -2b -c6 1t -c3 1t,rg 8n 10k 4q 10k 8m,uh 8m uh 6a,10u 6a 11q 6a 124 5n 13j 5n 147 6a 153 6a 153 77 14q 77 14d 6t 13t 6s 13i 75 123 75 11l 6o 117 6o 110 74 10l 74,10v 6a 10l 6c,11d 6o 11d 7f 123 8k,11d 7f 10m 8m,145 6u 144 7k,145 7k 13j 8l,142 7k 14l 8m,195 13 192 13,18o 1h 1iu 1h,18o 1h 18o 22 1iu 22,1ed 22 1ed 1h,1bb 1h 1bb 22,1ge 22 1gu 22,1gk 22 1gk 1h,1it 22 2pc 22,1ip 1f 1is 1h,1it 1i 2oa 1i,2o8 1f 2p9 22,2oa 1e 2nj 1i,1j9 1i 1j9 22,1md 22 1md 1j,1ph 1j 1ph 22,1s7 22 1s7 1j,1vb 1j 1vb 22,221 22 221 1j,24n 1j 24n 22,27d 22 27d 1j,29k 1j 29k 22,1vb 1i 24n 15,24o 1i 24n 1t,24n 1i 24o -m,24o i 203 1i,20q 1i 24n 0,21r 1i 24o -c,22o 1i 24n -k,24l -o 2hc -o,2ee -i6 2ea -i7,2ec -i7 3hi -i7,2iv -h8 2it -hd,2j1 -h7 3ij -h5,2h7 -o 2ok 1h,gg 1g gd 1c,g3 1g gb -go,2m8 o 2ma -2,2ko b 2m8 -2 2r3 -2,2ot -2 2or 1o,2r3 0 2uk -1i 2uk 1r,2r7 28 2r9 0,2uo 1o 2r7 2c 2ju 22,2r5 2b 2p8 24,2up 1p 31s 3r 39g 3r 3bi 1p 3g2 1p 3j0 40 3ml 40 3o4 2g 3qb 2g 3qb 40,3q8 40 47i 40 4dq 38,47i 40 4dl 40,48v 40 4ds 29,4ag 40 4e1 1b,4bj 40 4e8 5,3ib -h5 4oh -h5,3he -i6 4pd -i6 4q2 -h8,4oc -h3 4ql -h3,1cb 23 1j1 94,15k 8n 1b5 en,1cl hd 1ci ek 1g1 fj,1h5 bn 1in d7 1jt d2 1kr d7 1l0 e0 1kr eu 1m9 go,1ha bq 1je b0 1m4 bn 1mo cj 1np e0 1o0 f9 1nc g9 1m9 gj,1g4 fe 1fq dr 1g1 co 1gq co 1id d2,1e5 eu 1ek ef,4b4 40 4e4 p,4e6 5 4dl 3u,4o3 -cn 4nh 4n,4nh 4m 4bq 4p,4bh 4p 4b8 4p,4bl 4q 4dl 41#g8 -ev g8 -op,g8 -op 4c -op,4c -or 4c 1c,5n -nt 5n -mp,5n -mp 6r -mp,6r -mp 6r -nt 5n -nt,du -nt du -mp f2 -mp f2 -nt du -nt,9r -jq 9r -im av -im av -jq 9r -jq,77 -g2 77 -e6 8n -e6 8n -g2 77 -g2,cf -e6 cf -bu ea -bu ea -e6 cf -e6,63 -9n 63 -7r 7v -7r 7v -9n 63 -9n,4v -6b 4v -4r 9f -4r 9f -6n 4v -6n 4v -5v,5b -1t 5b 1e,5b -1t 6r -1t 6r 1e,5n -1h 5n -15 6f -15 6f -1h 5n -1h,6f -d 6f -1,4d -i3 h -i3,h -i3 h -g7 38 -g7 38 -hn 4c -hn,h -hr 36 -hl,13 -hi q -gm,13 -hh 1d -gq,19 -h6 s -h6,1h -hh 1n -gp 1u -hf,2j -he 26 -he,25 -he 20 -h7 21 -h0 29 -gq 2j -gr,2i -gr 2o -h1 2b -h1,g9 1i nc 1i nc -1d nn -1d nn -1p gv -1p gv -1d hb -1d hb 1i,nb -1p lr -55 m3 -5a nm -1p,j2 -2p ip -2r,jk -2j jq -2l,ka -3a k9 -37,je -33 jn -3h,jn -3o jd -42,jb -48 jj -4k,l9 -2v le -2o,js -1p ka -2c km -2j l5 -2o lg -2h lr -23 m9 -1r,i3 -1d i3 16,ir 16 ir -1d,jk -1d jk 16,kc 16 kc -1d,l4 -1d l4 16,lt 16 lt -1d,ml -1d ml 16,-bg 56 -99 56,-7d 56 -55 56,-39 56 -11 56,e 56 29 56,45 56 61 56,7t 56 9p 56,bk 56 dg 56,fc 56 h8 56,j4 56 l0 56,mf 56 nv 56,2fk -o 2fk -e1 2c0 -f7 2ef -i8 2fm -e1,2c2 -f7 2bo -m,2fk -e3 2iu -h7 2k1 -d4,2k1 -d6 2k5 -ck 2fi -e1,2k5 -ck 3j7 -co,2k1 -co 2k3 22 2ku 22,3j1 -co 4n8 -co,4n6 -cm 4qs -cm,4qu -h0 4qn 4f,4o2 -ch 4ni 2i,q8 55 sp 55,11g 55 133 55,168 55 18j 55,1aj 5f 1ca 7m,4kk -b2 4kk -8q 4kk -b2 4k2 -b2 4l6 -b2,4m1 -b2 4m1 -9c 4mb -8q 4n6 -8q 4nf -9c 4nf -b2 4n6 -bk 4mb -bk 4m2 -b2,4k4 -7r 4k4 -5a 4l8 -5a 4lh -5j 4lh -6e 4l8 -6n 4lh -70 4lh -7i 4l8 -7r 4k4 -7r,4l8 -6n 4k4 -6n,4k4 -65 4k4 -4o 4k4 -46 4k4 4p,4k4 -46 4kd -4f 4kv -4f 4l8 -46,4k4 -3k 4kd -3t 4km -3t 4kv -3k 4kv -3b 4km -32 4kd -32 4k4 -3b,4k4 -2o 4kv -2o,4km -2o 4kv -2f 4kv -26 4km -1t 4k4 -1t,4k4 -1b 4kv -1b,4km -1b 4km -1k 4km -12,4k4 -g 4km -g,4kv -g 4l8 -g,4k4 1 4kv 1,4km 1 4kv a 4kv s 4km 15 4k4 15,4k4 1n 4kd 1e 4kv 1e,4k4 20 4k4 29 4kd 2i 4kv 2i,4k4 34 4kd 2r 4kv 2r 4l8 34 4l8 3d 4kv 3m 4l8 3v 4l8 48 4l8 4h 4ng 4h,4kv 3m 4km 3m 4km 34 4km 2r,4k4 3v 4kd 3m 4kv 3m,4mu 4h 4km 4h 4k4 4h#T -uv 3g,T f8 -or,T 4gt -5c

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