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I was playing the forum game "Rate the persons user name above you"or whatever its called and I was thinking about something.There have been alot of threads in the past about why people made there user names,but the thing is whats the fun in that.Especially when half of the people up here don't really have a real reason.Well I thought up an interesting idea.The objective of this game is to make up a story about why the person who posted before made their name.It doesn't have to be a serious guess, and I don't want it to be.It can be as crazy as you want.(that means war kittens, and flying monkeys are permitted)I'll give you an example.Say someones name is Fenix(its completely made up)Well this may not be the best story, but here it goes.

One day a random guy is walking down the street when suddenly Marcus Fenix(Gears of War's Main Character) attacks him with a chainsaw and tells him that if he wants to live he wants to live that he will name his user name, after Marcus.Then suddenly vanishes.

Again that's not the best example since I'm fairly lazy and un-creative, but I think you guys could think of something better.

Good luck.

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