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Then do it!

I see some people here are into writing, and some even aspire to write novels. Then there are others who probably look at people writing novels and say "I could write a novel..." but they never do!

Well, bollocks to that! National Novel Writing Month gives everybody a chance to write a novel or at least have a really good whack at it. Every year in November, a growing number of people (now over 100000) join the international community with a resolution to write no less than 50000 words of an original, fictional work in 30 days. Fuelled by caffiene, loud music and then encouraging words of your fellow writers (who will kick your sorry butt if you slack off), participants are encouraged to release their inhibitions and dive into an 'anything goes' approach where nobody cares if your main character wears a stocking over their head and has a penguin for a cousin and lives in a donut in an alternate universe...

So yeah.



* If you at all want to write a novel, this is for you.

* What you write is 100% up to you- nobody else has to read it. Conversely, if you cheat, it's you who doesn't get anything out of it: there's no real competition or prizes apart from the experience of writing a novel (get it?)

* Grammar, good English (or any language), good story, plotlines, characters, themes etc. etc. These are only important if you want them to be- but if they're in the way, stuff 'em. Think of NaNo as a chance to write a first draft, or anything at all.

* You can join other NaNoers in your local area and organise activities to fire up that writing spirit there.

* 50000 words in 30 days. Think you can handle it? Sign up!


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