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SO i was thinking...i wanna try my stab at some armatasr in flash and i was wondering to myself how the artist makes them. Then i figured i would do some in depth research! Turns out i found out how they do it!

A) Find an image off google that looks good enough for an armatar (only use it for inspiration)

^So we have it picked out.

B) Trace image in flash and color in with color in vector format and walla!

So that tiger was the image used for inspiration for this armatar:

C) Watch me take my n00b stab at making it in flash ^_^
Well, too bad im not going to do it lol im going to be lazy and just use a button to make it be drawn in flash with a lot of detail. But note more detail is sometimes bad so ^_^

Any questions ladies?

idk where to put this so....

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