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This is mainly for me to store my Fr2 track, but you should also play it!! Play it when ever you can!!

-18 1i 18 1i io 1i j2 1i t2 1i 11o 1i 1e8 1i 1su 1i 236 1i 236 a 1ve 1i,236 1i 236 7g 2ci 7g 2ci 1i 2ci a 2g0 1i,2ci 1i 2uc 1i 358 1i 358 -f0 358 -fu 358 -gi 2sg -gi,358 -f0 2u2 -gi,358 -fu 2to -gi,t2 a t2 1i,io a j2 a j2 1i,-aa 1i -aa -42 -a0 1i,-aa -42 -kk -42,-aa -3o -9m 1i,-aa -3e -9c 1i,-aa -34 -92 1i,-aa -2q -8o 1i,-aa -2g -8e 1i,-aa -26 -84 1i,-aa 1i -18 1i,-aa -26 -7q 1i,-aa -1s -7g 1i,-aa -1i -76 1i,-aa -18 -6s 1i,-aa -u -6i 1i,-aa -k -68 1i,-aa -a -5u 1i,-aa 0 -5k 1i,-aa a -5a 1i,-aa k -50 1i,-aa u -4m 1i,-aa 18 -4m 1i,1hm -3e 1ge 1i,1hm -34 1g4 1i,1hm -2q 1fq 1i,1hm -2g 1fg 1i,1hm -26 1f6 1i,1hm -1s 1es 1i,1hm -1i 1ei 1i,1hm -18 1e8 1i,1hm -u 1du 1i,1hm -k 1dk 1i,1hm -a 1da 1i,1hm 0 1d0 1i,1cm 1i 1hm a 1mc 1i,1hm k 1cc 1i,1c2 1i 1hm u,1hm 18 1c2 1i,1hm -3e 1iu 1i,1hm -34 1j8 1i,1hm -2q 1ji 1i,1hm -2g 1js 1i,1hm -26 1js 1i,1hm -1s 1k6 1i,1hm -1i 1kg 1i,1hm -18 1kq 1i,1hm -u 1l4 1i,1hm -k 1le 1i,1hm -a 1lo 1i,1hm 0 1m2 1i,1hm k 1mm 1i,1n0 1i 1hm u,1hm 18 1na 1i,-kk -9c -ka -42,-kk -92 -k0 -42,-kk -8o -jm -42,-kk -8e -jc -42,-kk -8e -kk -7g -ie -42,-kk -84 -j2 -42,-kk -7q -io -42,-kk -76 -i4 -42,-kk -6s -hq -42,-kk -6i -hg -42,-kk -68 -h6 -42,-kk -5u -gs -42,-kk -5k -gi -42,-kk -5a -g8 -42,-kk -50 -fu -42,-kk -4m -fk -42,-kk -4c -fk -42,2s6 -7q 1u6 -7q 1qe -7q 1qe -9c 21a -7q,1hm -3e 1hm 1i,1i0 1i 1hm -3e,1ia 1i 1hm -34 1h2 1i,1ik 1i 1hm -2q 1go 1i,1hc 1i 1hm -3e,18a -7q 1du -7q 1du -9c 18u -7q,li -7q 34 -7q -76 -7q -ie -d4,358 -7q 34u 1i,358 -7q 34u -gi,358 -7g 34k 1i,358 -76 34a 1i,358 -6s 340 1i,358 -6i 33m 1i,358 -5u 33c 1i,358 -5k 332 1i,358 -5a 32o 1i,358 -50 32o 1i,358 -4m 32e 1i,358 -4c 324 1i,358 -42 31q 1i,358 -3o 31g 1i,358 -1i 2va 1i,358 -18 2v0 1i,358 -u 2um 1i,358 -k 2uc 1i,358 -a 2u2 1i,358 0 2u2 1i,358 a 2to 1i,358 k 2to 1i,358 u 2te 1i,358 18 2t4 1i,358 -84 34k -gi,358 -8e 34a -gi,358 -8o 340 -gi,358 -92 33m -gi,358 -9c 33c -gi,358 -9m 332 -gi,358 -a0 32o -gi,358 -aa 32e -gi,358 -ak 324 -gi,358 -au 31q -gi,358 -b8 31g -gi,358 -bi 316 -gi,358 -bs 30s -gi,358 -c6 30i -gi,358 -cg 308 -gi,358 -cq 2vu -gi,358 -d4 2vk -gi,358 -de 2va -gi,358 -do 2v0 -gi,358 -e2 2um -gi,358 -ec 2uc -gi,358 -em 2uc -gi,358 -fa 2to -gi,358 -fk 2to -gi,358 -g8 2te -gi,li -7q 19s -7q,-kk -9c -kk -42,-ls -d4 -114 -d4 -1mm -jc -1mm -io -1na -io -1na -i4 -1nu -i4 -1nu -hg -1oi -hg -1oi -gs -1p6 -gs -1p6 -g8 -1pq -g8 -1pq -fk -1qe -fk -1qe -f0 -1r2 -f0 -1r2 -ec -1rm -ec -1rm -do -1sa -do -1sa -d4 -1su -d4 -1su -cg -1ti -cg,-kk -9c -156 -9c -1rc 34 -2hi 34 -2t4 34,-1ti -c6 -1ti -cg,-1ti -c6 -1ti -bs -1v4 -bs -1v4 -au -1vo -au -1vo -aa -20c -aa -20c -9m -210 -9m -210 -92 -21k -92 -21k -8e -228 -8e -228 -7q -22s -7q -22s -76 -23g -76 -23g -6i -244 -6i -244 -5u -24o -5u -24o -5a -25c -5a -25c -4m -260 -4m -260 -42 -26k -42 -26k -3e -278 -3e -29e -3e -29e -2q -2a2 -2q -2a2 -26 -2am -26 -2am -1i -2ba -1i -2ba -u -2bu -u -2bu -a,-26a 34 -26a 1i -29e 34,-236 1i -236 34,-236 1i -202 34,j2 k t2 k,t2 a j2 a,t2 a 114 1i,io a fk 1i,358 -3e 316 1i,358 -34 30s 1i,358 -2q 30i 1i,358 -2g 308 1i,358 -26 2vu 1i,358 -1s 2vk 1i#a0 -1i -5a -1i -aa -1i,-3o -u -2q -u -2q -k -3o -k -3o -u,-4m 0 -4m a -3o a -3o 0 -4m 0,-1s a -1s k -u k -u a -1s a,0 -a 0 0 k 0 k -a 0 -a,1i k 1i u 26 u 26 k 1i k,3e -k 3e -a 4c -a 4c -k 3e -k,18 -18 18 -u 26 -u 26 -18 18 -18,5u a 5u k 6s k 6s a 5u a,76 -u 76 -k 8e -k 8e -u 76 -u,3o a 3o k 4c k 4c a 3o a,7q k 7q u 8e u 8e k 7q k,5a -u 5a -k 68 -k 68 -u 5a -u,-3e u -3e 18 -2q 18 -2q u -3e u,-26 -k -26 -a -18 -a -18 -k -26 -k,au 1i au k,b8 1i b8 k,aa a aa k j2 k,e2 1i e2 k,ec k ec 1i,h6 k h6 1i,hq k hg k hg 1i,u0 k u0 18 u0 1i,ua k ua 1i,1os 1i 1os -42 20m -42 20m 1i,1s0 1i 1s0 -a 1t8 -a 1t8 1i,1t8 -u 1t8 -1i,1pg -18 1pg u 1r2 u 1r2 -1i 1pg -1i 1pg -u,1u6 u 1u6 -1i 1vo -1i 1vo k 1vo u 1u6 u,1pq -u 1q4 -18,1qo -a 1q4 a,1qe a 1qo 0,1ug -a 1ve -18,1ug -k 1v4 -18,1uq k 1ve 0,1t8 -u 1s0 -u 1s0 -1i 1t8 -1i,1su k 1su u,294 8o 28g 8o,1q4 -3o 1p6 -3o 1p6 -34 1q4 -34 1q4 -2g 1p6 -2g,1os -26 20m -26,1qo -3o 1qo -2g,1qo -34 1rc -3o,1qo -34 1rc -2g,1s0 -2g 1s0 -3o 1su -3o 1su -2g,1s0 -34 1su -34,1ti -3o 1ug -3o 1uq -3o,1u6 -3o 1u6 -2g,1ve -3o 1ve -2g 20c -2g,1ve -3o 20c -3o,1ve -34 20c -34,2iq -cg 2je -cg 2jo -cg 2jo -bi 2jo -b8,2iq -bs 2jo -bs,2iq -cg 2iq -b8,2kc -cg 2kc -b8,2kc -cg 2la -cg 2la -bs 2kc -bs 2la -b8,2lu -cg 2lu -b8 2mi -b8,2lu -cg 2mi -cg,2lu -bs 2mi -bs,2ng -b8 2ng -cg 2o4 -cg 2oe -cg 2oe -b8,2ng -bs 2oe -bs,2l0 -aa 2mi -aa 2mi -9c 2la -9c 2l0 -9c 2l0 -8o 2l0 -8e 2mi -8e,vs -1i 1le -1i 1os -1i,20m -1i 236 -1i 236 18,1lo -u 1lo -k 1mc -k 1mc -u 1lo -u,1na 0 1na a 1o8 a 1o8 0 1na 0,1kq 0 1kq a 1lo a 1lo 0 1kq 0,aa a io a,1j8 -u 1j8 -k 1js -k 1js -u 1j8 -u,1mm u 1mm 18 1nk 18 1nk u 1mm u,1es -u 1es -k 1fq -k 1fq -u 1es -u,1du -a 1du 0 1es 0 1es -a 1du -a,1c2 k 1da k 1da a 1c2 a 1c2 k,1cm -u 1cm -k 1da -k 1da -u 1d0 -u,1cm -u 1d0 -u,1aq -a 1aq 0 1be 0 1be -a 1aq -a,21a -u 21a -k 21u -k 21u -u 21a -u,21u a 21u k 22i k 22s k 22s a 21u a,18k -u 18k -k 19i -k 19i -u 18k -u,198 k 1a6 k 1a6 a 198 a 198 k,1ag u 1ag 18 1b4 18 1b4 u,1aq u 1b4 u,1aq u 1ag u,16o -a 16o 0 17m 0 17m -a 16o -a,15g -18 15g -u 164 -u 164 -18 15g -18,17m k 17m u 18k u 18k k 17m k,17c -u 17c -18 180 -18 180 -u 17c -u,14s k 14s u 164 u 164 k 14s k,148 -a 148 0 156 0 156 -a 148 -a,122 -18 122 -u 13a -u 13a -18 122 -18,130 0 130 a 13k a 13k 0 130 0,12c u 12c 18 13a 18 13a u 12c u,114 -k 114 -a 122 -a 122 -k 114 -k,-6i -u -6i -k -5k -k -5k -u -6i -u,-76 0 -76 a -6i a -6i 0 -76 0,-5u u -5u 18 -50 18 -50 u -5u u,-8o -u -8o -k -84 -k -84 -u -8o -u,ka k ka 1i,kk k kk 1i,no k no 1i,o2 k o2 1i,r6 k r6 1i,rg k rg 1i,t2 a uu a uu k t2 k,vs -1i vs 1i,10g a 10g k 114 k 114 a 10g a,a0 -1i a0 1i,8o -a 8o 0 9m 0 9m -a 8o -a,2ci 1i 2ci -1i 2nq -1i 324 -1i 358 -1i,2d6 -u 2d6 -k 2ee -k 2ee -u 2d6 -u,2f2 a 2f2 k 2g0 k 2g0 a 2f2 a,2ga -u 2ga -k 2hi -k 2hi -u 2ga -u,2gk u 2gk 18 2hi 18 2hi u 2gk u,2i6 0 2i6 a 2j4 a 2j4 0 2i6 0,2j4 u 2j4 18 2jo 18 2jo u 2j4 u,2je -u 2je -k 2kc -k 2kc -u 2je -u,2km 0 2km a 2lu a 2lu 0 2km 0,2lk u 2lk 18 2mi 18 2mi u 2lk u,2mi -18 2mi -u 2nq -u 2nq -18 2mi -18,2n6 -a 2n6 0 2o4 0,2o4 -a 2n6 -a,2o4 -a 2o4 0,2o4 k 2o4 u 2oo u 2oo k 2o4 k,2p2 -k 2q0 -k 2q0 -u,2p2 -k 2p2 -u 2q0 -u,2pm 18 2pm u 2qk u 2qk 18 2pm 18,2pm 0 2pm a 2qu a 2qu 0 2pm 0,2ri -u 2ri -18 2sg -18 2sg -u 2ri -u,2rs 0 2rs a 2sq a 2sq 0 2rs 0,2sg k 2sg u 2te u 2te k 2sg k,2to -u 2to -k 2um -k 2um -u 2to -u,2um 0 2um a 2vk a 2vk 0 2um 0,2uc u 2uc 18,2uc u 2va u 2va 18 2uc 18,2vu -18 2vu -u 30s -u 30s -18 2vu -18,30s -a 30s 0 31q 0 31q -a 30s -a,30i k 30i u 31g k,31g u 31g k,30i k 31q k,31q -u 31q -k 32e -k 32e -u 31q -u#O -2l0 -5u,O -2l0 -50,O -2l0 -42,O -2l0 -34,O -2l0 -26,O -2l0 -18,O -2l0 -a,O -2l0 k,O -2l0 1i,O -2l0 2g,T -2k2 2g,O 2ci 6s,O 2bu 6s,O 2ba 6s,O 2am 6s,O 2a2 6s,O 29e 6s,O 28q 6s,O 286 6s,O 27i 6s,O 26u 6s,O 26a 6s,O 25m 6s,O 252 6s,O 24e 6s,O 23q 6s,B -h6 -d4 1b1,O -25m 2q,O -252 2q,O -24e 2q,O -23q 2q

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