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Welcome to Algorlea RPG 2.0. I have restarted and made it even better. This will be a text based game where YOU control your destiny. You can battle monsters, team up, fight each other, conquer land, and, if you make the right choices, get your very own dragon. This was inspired after reading Eragon.

This will be somewhat like firetail_madness' RPG, but he ended his. Therefore I've decided to make my own.
There will only 6 players allowed for each round.

To join fill out this form:

Description: (Your Past, A Little Bit About You)
Side: (The Empire or The Rebellion)
Race: (Elf, Dwarf, Human)
Class: (Mage, Knight, Bowman, Thief)
Starting Area: (Village, Mountains, Capital City, The Coast, The Island)

Each player will have stats. These stats are determined by your actions. (Thanks to firetail_madness)

Overall Level:
Health: (H)
Strength: (S)
Magic: (M)
Weapon Damage: (WD)
Defense: (D)
Agility: (A)
Endurance: (E)
Gold: (G)

Each Class has its own start out level. Here are the levels:

Level 0
H: 50/50
S: 4
M: 10
WD: (Staff) 2
D: 3
A: 6
E: 5
G: 100

Level 0
H: 50/50
S: 8
M: 2
WD: (Sword) 7
D: 5
A: 2
E: 6
G: 100

Level 0
H: 50/50
S: 5
M: 5
WD: (Bow and Arrow) 5
D: 2
A: 8
Endurance: 5
Gold: 100

Level 0
H: 50/50
S: 4
M: 3
WD: (Knife) 3
D: 5
A: 11
Endurance: 4
Gold: 100

Each Class comes with its own weapon. Each weapon has its own attack.
Each Class has the same overall point amount of 30.

Before we start, though, I need to tell you a bit about the land in which you will be playing:

Here is the map of the land:

Algorlea is currently controlled by an evil King Dreadneye. The land has been plunged into darkness. The King is merciless with taxes. The people hate it, but there is nothing they can do. Dreadnye is skilled in the art of the sword. He even has his very own dragon.

There are few who are powerful enough to have a dragon. You may think that dragons are mere beast, but they are more than that. They are as intelligent as you or I. They choose who will ride them. Once they come in contact (as an egg) with the person who is their destiny to be with, they hatch. The rider's live will forever be changed. There are only 6 remaining dragon eggs.

Now, will you side with The King or will you defeat him and set the land free? The choice is yours.

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