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Here is gonna be a story that you could ask me which character you want me to put in story or create your person for story.Remember this is a story of war of all times so with aliens, dragons anything and here is how to create your person:


Half dragon:Half of his body is dragon the the other is human but can't fly neither he can't throw fire but he has a big claw/his weapons are his claw, dragonsword(magical sword that could do fire).

human:A human is could be almost anything a knight, a uwak, a military man./they also have any weapon you want that are a bazooka, sword/ bow/ spear.

Elf's:Elf could only be archers with a special designed swords but really fast and jumps high/weapons:special designed sword, light bow(add special if you want to on it Freeze,fire,shock or poison)

Sorcerer:They only commit spells but very slow but could teleport/spells:teleport/fire ball/freeze/thunder/meteor smash or heal.

Troll:troll are very slow but has a high defensif armor but could chop you with his axe./weapons/spiked knuckles and axe

Robot:they robots ccould only be destroyed by water of by getting smashed by a giant meteor./weaponsunch,flamethrower,laserbeam and giant robo transformation

alien:aliens are weak but has many invicible weapons/weapons
giant laserbeam, ivisibility, jedi sword (LOL)flamethrower and finally the best weapon that is double attack(you do 1 attack but with 1 extra clone that does double damage!

More importantly if you want to join say what team you want to be on red team,blue team or black team!!!
Ill put lots of news in comment board and the storyline.ill say who dies and who joins your only alloud to join onces but remember you could tell which people from armorgames you want me to add for you if this wasted your time sorry...

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