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Abilitys Needed:Aggression, magic bolt/wound/sunder.
Use aggression on the Paladin and keep attacking the Baron with magic bolt/wound/sunder and put Veradux on defensive so he can heal.

Abiliys Needed:Magic bolt/smash or anything that does major damage, break, subversion and maybe electro bolt.
Frist get the paladin down to 1000/900 hp then use break and then subversion and then he should heal 1700 and die.It may take more than 1 go. If the Paladin uses intervention after you used subversion use electro bolt and then he should heal and die.

Abilitys Needed:Heroic Motivation(lvl 2 or 3 and 2 of them in your ability bar), electro bolt and anything that does major damage. (Put team mates on aggressive)
Keep attacking Ignition and when he uses fate on any of your team member use Heroic Motivation. Carry on attacking and when he uses Dark Regeneration use electro bolt.

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