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Back before the forum games section even existed there was a game,I can't really remember its name so I made one up,but how it was played was that one person had to say the name of a well known person in the community,and then the next person would have to say something positive about that person.

Here is an example:

RandomGuy1:First person is.....(insert name here)
RandomGuy2Insert name here) writes intelligent comments in games,and always uses proper punctuation.The next person is (insert name here again)

OK so now that you know how to play let me set down some rules.

1.All comments need to be as structured as possible and at least around a sentence long.I don't want any "he is kewl" or "good" comments on here.

2.Don't instead post negative comments or comments saying that you don't know the person.If you don't know them,then look up their profiles using this url name here) or just don't comment.

3.Please don't leave comments just saying "I think this is a good idea" or "I think this is a bad idea" because to me that's pretty much spamming,even though the forum games doesn't give you AP,spamming a thread that is not made to be spammed is really annoying.

4.Lastly don't name yourself and try not to name people who have already been named when you are naming off a new well known person.

OK that's everything,just let me start off the game by naming the first person.

The First Person is Arax_Nisanu

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