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Welcome to the FR2 Design Contest!

Rules are:
I start by posting my design and the person below me rates it and posts their FR2 design.

Here's an example of what is to be seen:

-18 1i 18 1i##S -18 -3e,S -18 -5u,S 0 -4m,S 18 -3e,S 18 -5u,G 1s -5u 9r,G 18 -6i 47,G -18 -6i 71,G -1s -5u 1d,G 1s -3e 71,G 18 -2q 1d,G -1s -3e 47,G -18 -2q 9r,B -1i -68 47,B 1i -68 71,B 1i -34 9r,B -1i -34 1d,G -2g -4m 2q,G 0 -26 b8,G 0 -76 5k,G 2g -4m 8e,B -a -6s 8e,B a -6s 2q,B 26 -50 b8,B 26 -4c 5k,B a -2g 2q,B -a -2g 8e,B -26 -4c 5k,B -26 -50 b8,B -1s -42 8e,B -1s -5a 8e,B -k -6i b8,B k -6i b8,B 1s -5a 2q,B 1s -42 2q,B k -2q 5k,B -k -2q 5k,G u -68 5k,G -u -68 5k,G -1i -5k 2q,G -1i -3o 2q,G 1i -3o 8e,G 1i -5k 8e,G -u -34 b8,G u -34 b8,G 0 -2q 5k,G 1s -4m 2q,G 0 -6i b8,G -1s -4m 8e,B -1i -4c 2q,B -1i -50 2q,B 1i -4c 8e,B 1i -50 8e,B -a -68 5k,B a -68 5k,B a -34 b8,B -a -34 b8,B -18 -42 8e,B -18 -5a 8e,B -k -5u b8,B k -5u b8,B 18 -5a 2q,B 18 -42 2q,B k -3e 5k,B -k -3e 5k,G -18 -4m 8e,G 0 -3e 5k,G 18 -4m 2q,G 0 -5u b8,G -u -5k 47,G u -5k 71,G u -3o 9r,G -u -3o 1d,B -a -4c 71,B a -4c 47,B a -50 1d,B -a -50 9r,G -u -4c 5k,G -u -50 b8,G -a -5k 8e,G a -5k 2q,G u -50 b8,G u -4c 5k,G a -3o 2q,G -a -3o 8e,B -k -42 1d,B 0 -5k 5k,B u -4m 8e,B 0 -3o b8,B -u -4m 2q,B -k -5a 47,B k -5a 71,B k -42 9r,G -k -4m 8e,G 0 -5a b8,G k -4m 2q,G 0 -42 5k,S 0 -4m

Here is a game example:

jb701926: (Rates design posted by above user) (Posts FR2 design)
Bob: (Rates design posted by jb701926) (Posts FR2 design)

And so on and so forth.

We'll start with the example design.

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