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I always told myself that if firetail-madness left i would make an RPG like his well it has come down to that he quit and i am going to make this RPG to remember him and what he did the joy he gave us the things he did for AG.

Okay it is simple choose a class, weapon, and armor. I would like a helper if this gets good so if you guys say something now then you will be a shoe in if i need an assistant later.


sneaky fast and silent killer. They kill with speed and quick blows so they are not good in normal combat.

weapons:twin daggers, short sword or throwing knives
armor:leather animal skins (they help you blend in in the woods or plains)
Boosts:stealth evasion


Bowmen using the bow and arrows They can kill 50 meters away and are good at it but in close quarters there dagger can not do much against a warriors hardened armor.

Weapon: short bow Long bow(longer range but Lower hitting power)
Armor: leather Thin iron(better for glancing attacks then full on strikes
skills Silent kill trapping


Close combat fighter using massive swords and shields the front line fighters of the army they are slow but powerful

weapon: Long sword 2handed sowrd
Armor: Heavy iron or chain
Sheids(if you have the 2handed you cant have one) wood or iron


The special fighters 1 of every 100 people born have magic powers
they are highly intelligent and powerful spell they do not have a close range weapon though and have no strength.

spells: lighting fireblast or water ball

That is all the units if anyone will draw a map that would be help full or at least tell me how to up load mine and they may get a boost

make your character sheet it should have all these things on it

Name:eg.gilbert stronward
If you had a special power what would it be(hint): my sword shoots fire

Post that here and you are a member of power of the stars(the origin of the title will be in play at the start


if you want to be a helper fill out this sheet

why do you want to be a helper:
what qualifies you as a helper:
What could you do to help this game besides organization:
What do you think sets you above the rest to be the helper:
Can you draw on paint well:

Post this and i will read it and if i need a helper i may choose you
but i will give notice if i need a helper so you can play to.

Play this game please and remember firetail

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