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This is a different kind of map.

We are just starting, so please stay with us.

The rules.
~No killing fellow players. (You may still interact)
~You don't know the names of other players until you meet and introduce.
~You start off weak, at Lv.1
~Do not make up consequences or scenes yourself.
~AG rules still apply. (No spam, pornography, racism, flaming etc.)
~Only choose from what I tell you to.
~You may not wander out of the city unless I make another map.
~Battles involve health, damage, and taking turns. (role-play)
~Who said life was a piece of cake?
~I like cake. You like cake. We all like cake. And fries.
~The rules are awesome! Zomg.

The instructions

I will give you a consequence and decision to make, and you make a choice, the choice can be anything as you wish. Your choice could end up with riches, or it could end in death, so beware your step. Occasionally, you'll fight, in where you and the enemy will take turns dealing damage until one emerges victorious. Everybody starts with 10 coins, 1 potion, and 1 mana refill. Items, coins and more potions can be obtained later on.

Sign up sheet!

Descriptiondescribe thoroughly, looks)
Personalitydescribe thoroughly)
ClassWarrior, Mage or Rogue?)
WeaponWarriors-Sword, Mage-Staff, Rogue-Dagger)
Armor: (Warrior-Steel Plate, Mage-Robe, Rogue-Leather)
Shield: (Wooden Shield, warriors only)
Spell: (Shock, Fireball or Freeze, mages only)
Boosts: (Dire Boost or Evasion Boost, rogues only)

The beginning is more simple then my other RPGs. We are accepting few members only. Thanks for your patience. Only join if you are planning to play again!

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I try to find a place to train.

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